Disturbed Sends Funny Memes That Include ‘Down With The Sickness’

The world-known American heavy metal band Disturbed has just updated its official social media account with funny memes that include “Down With The Sickness”, taken from the band’s debut studio album “The Sickness”, and laughed the fans who saw the memes.

In the photos shared by Disturbed, there were four photos. In the first photo, the band’s David Draiman has said you can’t catch the coronavirus if you’re already “Down With The Sickness.” In the second, there was a mask including “Down With The Sickness” cover. The third photo was saying that David Draiman refused the isolate because he’s Down With The Sickness. And the four and last photo was saying that get “Down With The Sickness, except the coronavirus, and wash your damn hands.

Disturbed sent the photos with the following statement: “Hope you’re all being smart and keeping healthy. Couldn’t help but share the various ‘Down with the Sickness’ memes we’ve seen to lighten the mood during this crisis. Many thanks to our healthcare workers on the front line and to everyone helping out by staying home.”

The photos attracted great interest by the fans who saw it and they expressed in the comments of the photo that all of them are amazing.

Disturbed‘s 12-track debut studio album “The Sickness” has released on March 7, 2000, by Giant and Reprise Records.

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