Alice Cooper’s Nita Strauss Makes Exciting Announcement

The world-class rock musician Nita Strauss, known as the touring guitarist of the Alice Cooper, has just sent a new post through her social media account and made huge announcements about her upcoming album, gave new updates about Shred Sunday and said she will teach the tips, tricks and nuances she lived.

In the video she shared, Nita found the right angle from which light came as usual and deployed herself there. Nita, who fascinated the fans by the sound of her guitar, also looked quite nice with her beauty.

Nita posted the piece of her performance with the following statement: “Been posting a ton of album updates on my @patreon page during this time at home! It’s taken a minute to get into the groove of basically recording all the guitars for the album in my kitchen, but we are well on our way now!

“Wanna hear the rest of this chorus? It’s posted now! Swipe up in my story or hit the link in my bio if you’d like to join the community!

“Last week we started #ShredSunday, which is an hour livestream every weekend for the duration of #SaferAtHome where we hang out and talk guitar and technique! Starting this Sunday I’ll be going through the current Alice Cooper set song by song and teaching the tips, tricks and nuances I do live!

“Plus, you can get fun stuff like t-shirts, used guitar picks, and monthly postcards and signed photo.”

In the comments of the video, many fans expressed how successful guitarist Nita is. They also wrote in the comments of the photo that they look forward to the upcoming shows Nita will play after the coronavirus trouble and quarantine days.

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