Dee Snider Reacts Ted Nugent’s COVID-19 Diagnosis: “It’s So Beautiful”

Dee Snider, known for his tenure with the heavy metal band Twisted Sister, took to his Twitter to react to the current news Ted Nugent published about his COVID-19 diagnosis and expressed his happiness about that.

Recently, on April 19, Ted Nugent, although he does not believe in the existence of the virus, has officially announced through his official Facebook account that he was tested positive for COVID-19.

On Twitter, Dee Snider was one of those musicians who reacted to Ted Nugent‘s COVID-19 diagnosis. He quoted Alex Skolnick‘s tweet to react to Ted Nugent’s diagnosis. In Alex‘s tweet, there were two photos of Ted Nugent. In the first photo, Ted was cursing the vaccine and people who believe the virus. In the second, there was his COVID-19 diagnosis announcement.

“It’s just…so…beautiful,” Dee Snider tweeted to share his thoughts.

Later on that, Dee Snider has also sent a second tweet to react to the issue.

“I have zero sympathy for loud mouth naysayers who get the thing they’ve been naysaying,” Dee tweeted. “People have suffered & died while Ted literally called Covid bullshit. ”

Following Dee Snider‘s tweets, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach, one of the closest friends of Dee Snider, has quoted Dee‘s tweets to react to Ted Nugent‘s diagnosis.

“Zero sympathy for Asian hate,” Bach said. “You want to dish out hate you’re going to get hate right back no problem. Zero sympathy for anyone I meet that uses the N word. For every musician like this there is a guy like me or Dee who is not going to take it. Plus we are bigger than them.”

Ted Nugent Says He Was Dying

Announcing his diagnosis, Ted Nugent stated that he thought for a moment that he was dying.

“I’ve been around a long time, and it’s been quite an adventure,” Nugent admits. “But I have never been so sick in all my life… I could barely crawl out of bed. And I’m not looking for sympathy; I’m just trying to share a medical emergency during a global medical emergency, and what the Nugent tribe, what this guitar player is doing to counterpunch a COVID-19 positive test this afternoon. And it’s gonna be willpower.”

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