Dave Grohl Admits A Shocking Truth On Nirvana’s Final Album: “It’s A Weird One For Me”

Ex-Nirvana drummer Dave Grohl has revealed some shocking truths about Nirvana's final album and stated that it's a dark album for himself.

Foo Fighters bandleader Dave Grohl, who was the drummer of the rock band Nirvana before the band’s disbanding after the death of Kurt Cobain, revealed some shocking truths about Nirvana‘s final album and stated that it’s a dark album for himself.

As some of you might know, the 7-year grunge band Nirvana announced it’s disbanding in 1994 when the band’s legend Kurt Cobain died due to suicide. Throughout their career, Nirvana has released three albums in total. The band’s third and final album was titled In Utero, which was released one year before the band’s disbanding.

However, in the recently-shared excerpt from the 10th-anniversary edition of Dave Grohl’s This Is A Call biography, the musician has recalled Nirvana‘s final studio album. He revealed some weird and shocking facts about the album. According to him, the album is a very dark album.

“That album captured a moment in time for the band, and it’s definitely an accurate representation of the time… which was dark,” Grohl says. “It’s a fucking dark album.

“I don’t like listening to that record. It’s a weird one for me.”

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Grohl Touches On The Best Part Of The Album

Continuing to talk about the band’s final album, Grohl has also touched on what is the most beautiful part of the album for himself. He made fans emotional with his comment and said that their three’s sound was one of the most beautiful parts of the album.

“I hear songs on the radio every once in a while, and I like the sonic difference of hearing ‘All Apologies’ or ‘Heart-Shaped Box’ come on in the middle of a bunch of compressed, Pro-Tooled modern rock radio music because it stands out, but lyrically and conceptually it’s not something that I like to revisit too often,” he says.

“But maybe what I love the most about that album is the sound of urgency, and the sound of the three of us in a room playing.'”

Dave Compares Nirvana’s ‘Nevermind’ and ‘In Utero’

Concluding his words, Grohl compared the band’s epic albums, Nevermind and In Utero. He said that they’re different from each other. He explained the difference between the albums and said that he is still proud of them.

“‘Nevermind’ and ‘In Utero’ are two totally different albums,” Grohl reveals. “‘Nevermind’ was intentional, as much as any revisionists might say it was a contrived version of Nirvana, it wasn’t: we went down there to make that record, we rehearsed hours and hours and hours, day after day, to get to ‘Nevermind.’

“But ‘In Utero’ was so different. There was no labored process, it was just… bleurgh… it just came out, like a purge, and it was so pure and natural.’

“And both of those things I’m very proud of, the structured exercise of making an album like Nevermind versus the reckless purge of making an album like ‘In Utero.’ If you can make one of those albums in your lifetime, you’re lucky: we got two in a row, and that’s awesome.’

“Obviously ‘In Utero’ was a direct response to the success and sound of ‘Nevermind.’ We just pushed ourselves in the other direction, like, ‘Oh really, that’s what you like? Well, here’s what we’re going to fucking do now!'”

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