Clutch Guitarist Tim Sult Reveals Rare-Known Facts About The Band

In a new conversation with Heavy Magazine, Tim Sult, the guitarist of the American hard rock band Clutch, has talked about Clutch and mentioned the band’s longevity.

“I think the most important thing is to try to move forward, really. Try to book another show, try to get another festival, try to write another song, and just really have fun with it.”

Tim also discussed the navigating changes in the music industry and pointed out that the CDs’ changes with streaming is the biggest factor of changes as the interviewer said.

“Like you said, CDs to streaming, that really is the biggest thing, just the death of physical music, and finding a way to get your mind out of the old-school kind of music industry thinking and just be able to move ahead with more of the streaming type of universe, which is something that we’ve had to deal with, too.”

He revealed that they are entering the world of the internet slowly.

“We’re slowly trying to navigate the world of the Internet and social media and getting our music out there and reaching more people, but even though we sell considerably less albums, our shows are bigger and better and more people seem to know us.”


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