Bruce Dickinson Respects Iron Maiden Fans: “They Are A Little Bit Like Plywood And They All Just Stick Together”

Bruce Dickinson Respects Iron Maiden Fans: "They Are A Little Bit Like Plywood And They All Just Stick Together"

Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson has sent his respects to his band’s fans and described them as plywood which gets a new layer every year and sticks together.

Bruce Dickinson has been a member of Iron Maiden for more than 3-decade tenure. At first, he had joined the band in 1981 after Iron Maiden parted ways with its third vocalist Paul Di’Anno. He rocked the stage with them until leaving the band in 1993 to concentre his solo career when the tensions grew up. In 1999, he rejoined the band and has been a member of them.

Since his return to Maiden, Dickinson has been contributing to the band’s every stuff from the band’s third studio album that was released in 1982, named The Number Of The Beasts, to the latest Senjutsu, except for 1995’s The X Factor and 1998’s Virtual XI. Those two albums were released by Paul Di’Anno at the time.

However, recently, Bruce Dickinson has once again shared his honest opinion on Iron Maiden fans. Saying that there is individual Iron Maiden fan in their community, Dickinson added they have got all kinds of shades of opinion. He also continued by saying that they all congregate around the Iron Maiden cycle.

“I can’t speak for every individual Iron Maiden fan, obviously, and I can’t imagine what each of them is individually thinking and what kind of nuance they get out of what we do,” Dickinson says. “‘Cause I think people get different things out of different parts of what we do.

So some fans will really zone in on some bits. Some of the kind of rhythmic things that we do, some people will be big fans of that; some people will be big fans of Adrian’s guitar; some people will be nuts about vocals and therefore they’ll follow some of my solo stuff.

“You’ve got all kinds of shades of opinion, but they all congregate around a central core, which is, ‘Yeah, it’s Iron Maiden, stupid.’ That’s it.”

Bruce Adds Iron Maiden Fans Are A Little Bit Like Plywood

Later then, Bruce admitted that he thinks about Iron Maiden fans that they are a little bit plywood, which gets a new layer every year and sticks together. Revealing that there are fans whose first album was the band’s sixteenth The Book Of Souls, Dickinson added that Iron Maiden has different fans from each generation.

“I would say that Iron Maiden fans are a little bit like plywood — we get a new layer every year, and they all just stick together, so eventually we get a table that’s, like, ten feet thick,” he continues.

“And people are going, ‘How did you end up with a table ten feet thick?’ I said, ‘We just never lost a layer.’

“And, of course, we’ve got people that started in 1983, ’84, and we’ve got people that started in the year 2000, 2005, 2015 — generations and generations.

“People whose first album was ‘The Book Of Souls’. And then they went, ‘Ah, I like this band. ‘The Book Of Souls’. Cool. Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ ‘Oh my God.

“They did another bunch of albums. What’s this thing? ‘The Number Of The Beast’. I never heard about that. Oh, this is cool.’ And you go back and you get a chance to rediscover all the discography.”

Back in November 2021, Bruce Dickinson had commented on what Iron Maiden fans go to say every time they listen to Senjutsu, which is the band’s seventeenth and latest album. He also admitted that taking the album on the road is exciting for them.

“When they hear this album, people are going to go: ‘Fuck me!’” Dickinson says.

“Every song is Maiden at the top of our game. Every song could be a live favorite. We haven’t played a Maiden album from start to finish since ‘A Matter Of Life And Death,’ but this album is so good that it could warrant being played in its entirety.

“Obviously we haven’t finished the Legacy tour yet, but the thought of taking this album on the road is exciting to all of us,” he admits. “Making it come alive on stage, with all its time changes and shifts of tone and mood, is going to be a challenge.

“But if I didn’t relish a challenge, I wouldn’t have joined this band in the first place. No one is mellowing with age.

“We’re all committed to this, and taking on the world again after everything being on pause is going to be one hell of an adventure. We look forward to seeing you there.”

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