SCOTT IAN: “Mr. Bungle Were So Far Ahead Musically Than Metallica, Slayer or Megadeth”

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian, who has recently joined Mr. Bungle for their comeback effort, recalled Mr. Bungle’s 1980-era while speaking with Whiplash and said that they were so far ahead musically than many other bands.

As some of you may remember, one of the greatest rock bands, Mr. Bungle, announced its reunion to record the newest version of ‘The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo,’ which was originally recorded in 1986. The band was joined by Anthrax’s Scott Ian and former Slayer drummer Dave Lombardo.

Anyway, while speaking about Mr. Bungle and the band’s first days, Scott said, “Even then in ’86, these guys, who were teenagers at the time, were so far ahead musically than any of us other bands at the time, like, us or Metallica or Slayer or Megadeth.”

Scott continued by saying that nobody knew them in 1986. “They were so far ahead of us musically, but nobody knew because nobody ever heard this in 1986, so it’s kind of mind-blowing when you hear the degree of difficulty in this music and what they were writing and what they were doing at such a young age.”

He also recalled the band’s first album releasing and his reaction. “They kind of put the first Bungle album that came out in 1991, it puts that record into much more perspective. To hear what they were doing with thrash in 1986, it kind of blows my mind.

Mr. Bungle with Scott Ian and Dave Lombardo is currently promoting ‘The Raging Wrath of the Easter Bunny Demo,’ which was released on October 30th.

Listen the entire interview below.

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