Queen’s Brian May Explains Why It Was Terrible To Release ‘Made In Heaven’: “You’re Listening To Freddie’s Voice, But He Is Not There”

Queen's Brian May Explains Why It Was Terrible To Release 'Made In Heaven': "You’re Listening To Freddie's Voice, But He Is Not There"

Brian May has opened up about releasing Made In Heaven with Queen and explained if he has regrets about it. Brian said releasing Made In Heaven has wonderful and terrible sides and detailed those situations.

Brian May has been the lead guitarist of his co-founded rock band Queen since 1970 and gained international fame for being a member of them. The 74-year-old guitarist’s contribution to the rock pioneer Queen made them one of the biggest rock bands in rock music. During his ongoing career with Queen, Brian has released 15 studio albums. He also has two different solo studio albums as a solo musician.

His friend Freddie Mercury was one of the biggest names in the history of rock. Until the time he passed away due to AIDS in 1991, Mercury had played alongside his bandmates in Queen and helped the band to reach world fame. He also led a solo career and served as a producer and guest singer for other artists. Made In Heaven was another masterpiece of his and the only album Freddie recorded while he was alive, and Queen released it after his death.

Whenever Brian mourns his late bandmate and close friend, Freddie Mercury, he becomes emotional. Previously mentioned Freddie by recalling how he created a guitar solo for Bohemian RhapsodyMay had admitted that it was a very special piece of work. It was easily seen that Brian May still has huge respect for Freddie Mercury and was devastated after the passing of Freddie.

However, during his recent chat with Simon Lupton at Royal Observatory, Brian May was asked if releasing Made In Heaven helped him to release Another World back in the day. In the interview, Brian said that Freddie‘s death affected Roger Taylor and himself.

“Yeah, it did help I think,” Brian says. “It was something I had to go through. Me and Roger [Taylor] both, I think, completely overreacted to Freddie’s death, if it’s possible to say that.

“In other words, we went so far away along the path of trying to forget that we over-grieved and we sort of denied the existence of Queen for a while. I certainly know I did.”

Brian May Admits Why It Was Terrible Queen Released ‘Made In Heaven’

After he confirmed releasing Made In Heaven helped him to release his second solo album Another World, although he admitted that there were wonderful and terrible things about releasing it. Explaining why it was terrible Queen released its final album, Made In Heaven, Brian said that whenever he listens to Freddie‘s voice on that album he wants to talk with him, but he is not there.

“So to come back and finally face it and put that final Queen album together, Made In Heaven, was a wonderful and terrible thing to do,” he continued.

“Wonderful, because you’re saving all these final scraps which we’d created together in those last moments when we were with Freddie. Terrible, because you’re listening to his voice the whole day, polishing it, doing little things to it to optimise it, but he’s not there.

“At the end of the day you can’t say, ‘Freddie, is that okay?’ That was hard, it was quite painful for a long time. It was a long labour of love; about a year and a half Roger and I were doing this.”

Back on his April 1 appearance on Sirius XM, Brian May had mourned Freddie Mercury, saying he was a wonderful force of coherence. He also disclosed Freddie Mercury‘s decision on being the leader of the Queen. Revealing that Freddie was never thought of as the leader of Queen, Brian added that they owe too many things to Freddie.

I have to say, Freddie tends to have the image of being someone who’s like a diva and won’t compromise, but actually, Freddie was a wonderful force of coherence,” Brian says.

“If he was questioned in the interviews about being the leader of the band, he would always say, ‘No, I’m not the, I’m the lead singer, but we are a democracy.’

“It was absolutely true. So very often, Roger and John would be pulling in opposite directions. Roger and myself always in opposite directions. Freddie would be able to find the sort of glue to make it still hang together.

“So I think we all owe Freddie a lot because of that, the catalyst that he was apart from being a great creator in his own right. He was part of the essential glue that made this very kind of rocky organization that managed to keep creating.”

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  1. In my opinion brian may is/was a thief cheat and lair when it comes/came to freddie mercury oh don’t leave out wanna be. He would never be a legend without freddie. I couldn’t do it. Brian May is not fooling anyone but himself. Freddie helped Brian rather than hurt him. If Brian May was/is all he is claiming to be during and after freddie mercury why was it not so BEFORE freddie locally not to mention internationally! It has already been said how Brian takes other people sings and credits himself until he is caught! Freddie mercury kept the group one clean nonplagirizing just to name a few! Another thing is true we all reap what we sew. Freddie gave and not took. Brian that is why he was so handsome and loving and no one looked like him sang like him dressed like him acted like him because he was uniquely created. And his songs were not about Infidelities or the likes. But rather about love giving loneliness sadness and not stealing other people’s hard work etc.Stop falsely glorifying urself. Do as Freddie did GIVING and making this world a better place to live and share the right way through also sharing etc.

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