Black Sabbath’s Tony Iommi Pays Tribute To Ronnie James Dio In An Emotional Way

Tony Iommi, the lead guitarist of the Black Sabbath, has just shared an emotional letter for his old bandmate Ronnie James Dio, who died in 2010, and paid his tribute to the legendary musician with it.

On this day(May 16) in 2010, Ronnie James Dio passed away and upset the whole music community deeply. Today, on his 10th death anniversary, many artists remembered him and sent their respect to him for his golden effort. Tony Iommi is one of those who shared a special letter to him and remembered him on his special day.

In the letter he sent, Tony said he still didn’t believe how 10 years had passed on his leaving and that he missed him tremendously. He also added that he will never be forgotten and that his songs will live forever.

Tony Iommi added the following letter in the caption of the rare photo of himself and Ronnie James Dio: “Remembering our dear friend Ronnie. I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since Ronnie passed away. He is so greatly missed but never forgotten and his music will live on in our hearts forever.”

Ronnie James Dio died at the age of 67 due to stomach cancer.

His family, friends, fellow musicians, and over 1500 attended to a free public memorial service of Ronnie James Dio, which held on May 30, 2010, at Forest Lawn Hollywood Hills Cemetery.

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