Black Sabbath’s Geezer Butler Recalls The Rare-Known Unfortunate Stage Accident

The English musician Geezer Butler, best known as the bassist of the heavy metal legends Black Sabbath, which formed in 1968, has just updated his social media account with a rare story and talked on one of the most curious issues he ever been asked.

In a recent interview, he was asked the custom BC Rich and stated that it was played only during Live Aid. Also, while he mentions the moment he played, Geezer Butler revealed the unfortunate stage accident.

Geezer Butler shared the following statement through his social media: “I was recently asked about the bass played during Live Aid. Yes, I still have it – It’s a custom BC Rich, only ever played it at Live Aid – I whacked my thumb on that sharp edge, and could hardly play the bloody thing, it went right into my nerve and my whole hand went numb.”

As a response to him, a fan asked him why he decided to use it that dangerous design. Geezer Butler answered his question and explained why he decided it.

“Bernie Rico was making my basses back then and he thought it looked a bit special,” he responded. “So did I, until I came to play it. Sounded good but a dangerous design for me back then as I used to throw myself around a bit. It resides now with all my other stage played basses.”

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