Halestorm’s Lzzy Hale Remembers The Weird Moment She Lived, She Signed A Bare Ass

The 36-year-old successful singer Lzzy Hale, best known as the lead vocalist of the American rock band Halestorm, has revealed one of the weird moments she lived on her life in a new Q&A session hosted via Metal Hammer and mentioned the moment of signing a bare ass.

When she was asked what’s the most cringe thing a man has ever asked her at a show, Lzzy Hale‘s reply surprised fans.

“I’m immune to a lot of it now, but a couple of months ago, a guy wanted me to sign his bare ass, she said. I initially said, ‘Really? It’s gonna ruin my Sharpie!’

“But he looked at it like it was a sort of rite of passage that would complete his life, so I ended up doing it and he didn’t drop his pants totally down, he just showed me a cheek.”

She continued: “It did in fact ruin my Sharpie though – because it was a little sweaty there. Another time, a fan gave me a letter and an envelope with a tampon inside.

“They asked if I could use that tampon next time that time comes for me, then tweet them so they could feel closer to me. That was a little cringey but somebody went to the effort to think about it. There’s no amount of education that could’ve prepared me for that!”

With a recent “AskLzzyAnything” event she made through her social media account, Lzzy Hale gave exciting news about the band’s new music and replied a fan’s question that about their new album by saying that she just wrote their new album’s first single.

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