Anthrax Star Scott Ian Breaks COVID-19 Rules

The American musician/author Scott Ian, best known as the additional lead vocalist of the thrash metal band Anthrax, has just updated his official social media account with a new post including a selfie of himself and posed a burger.

In the post he sent, Scott Ian revealed that although the experts’ said to people that they should not leave the house and that people should isolate himself, Scott Ian went out to eat a burger with his family.

Scott Ian put the following caption in the description of the photo: “It takes the best burger in LA to get me out of the woods and off the mountain and into the city. Crossroads is open for pickup and delivery! The family and I ate the burgers in the car and picked up two pizza kits to take home. Pics of that deliciousness tomorrow. Go get some! #plantbased.”

The photo attracted great interest from the fans and Scott Ian’s close friends. In the comments of the post, many fans thanked him for eating vegan food. However, no one talked about the self-isolating or coronavirus.

Here’s the post shared by Scott Ian:

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  1. Heavens to be a large number of people have actually beating the virus which means there’s a large number of people which have antibodies in their system calling all donate your plasma and your plasma can help others beat the virus name is Jay sechovec.

  2. To the writer of this story…why on Earth try to sensationalize a nice simple plug for a burger joint… restaurants are serving TAKE-OUT and delivery through this disaster but can’t anything like a really good review be just that and have nothing to do with the coronaviris..I work in a resta weurant and I want to thank Scott for letting people know it’s ok to support the places you love to go….nuff said

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