Angus Young Explains How AC/DC Decided To Comeback

AC/DC guitarist and one of the founding members, Angus Young, has recently appeared on Triple M to explain his band AC/DC’s comeback decision and revealed how band members behaved during the process.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, AC/DC made 2020 better to live and announced its reunion with an album announcement. AC/DC’s reunited line-up includes Angus Young on lead guitars, Phil Rudd on drums, Cliff Williams on bass, Brian Johnson on vocals and Stevie Young on rhythm guitars.

Recently, speaking about his band’s reunion, Angus Young took fans back to their reuniting process and stated that each member of the band was eager to be part of the project. He also touched on Brian Johnson’s hearing issues and said that he was getting a lot of positive vibe about his hearing issues.

When the interviewer asked, “Angus, tell us about how this comeback all began, especially with Brian Johnson’s hearing problems,” Angus said:

“I knew that Brian had been working with hearing specialists, they were using him as a bit of a guinea pig, but happily, he was having a lot of good results. And for him, it was all new stuff.

“So I was getting constant updates about how he was doing with that, so that was good. He was getting a lot of positive vibe about that.

“And Cliff, at the end of the last tour I said, ‘If I’m doing anything, you want me to give you a yell?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, give me a yell.’

“Everyone getting in contact, and everyone was eager to be part of the project, so that was a good thing.

“Also Phil and my nephew Stevie. So that’s how basically it all comes together.

“OK, pick a studio where do we want to record it, and Brendan O’Brien was eager to be on board too. So everything had come together, really.”

Angus Young concluded his words by touching one of the important parts of the reunion.

“It was relatively just a matter of everyone communicating…

“It was really a case of everyone knowing that and everyone wanted to be on board with it. And it was a fitting thing also, becoming a tribute for Mal. It all comes together really smoothly, I thought.”

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