The Top 10 Highest-Selling The Beatles Albums Until 2023

The Top 10 Highest-Selling The Beatles Albums Until 2022

Thanks to its massive success, the world-renowned rock band The Beatles is widely regarded as one of the pioneers of the genre. Even though some fans and artists have been saying these days that rock is dead, The Beatles still carries the genre seriously.

Started its career in 1960 in Liverpool, The Beatles‘ original line-up was John Lennon on vocals, Paul McCartney on bass, George Harrison on guitars, and Ringo Starr on drums. Activating just 10 years until 1970, the band’s legendary line-up Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, George Harrison, and John Lennon were presented to rock music because of their band’s world success.

Throughout their 10-year full of a successful career, The Beatles‘ discography included 13 studio albums in their core catalog while including 21 studio albums worldwide. In addition to those, The Beatles released 54 compilation albums, 22 video albums, 36 EPs, 17 box sets, and many more things.

Debuted in 1963 with Please Please Me, The Beatles had released 12 studio albums during their activated career. In the same year, The Beatles had sent its second studio album. In 1964, they sent A Hard Day’s Night and Beatles For Sale, respectively. The fifth and sixth studio albums of the band, Help! and Rubber Soul, were released in 1965. Later those years, the albums were followed by 1967’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Magical Mystery Tour, 1968’s self-titled album, 1969’s Abbey Road, and 1970’s Let It Be. In 1988, the compilation album Past Masters had sent.

So, how many albums The Beatles has sold until 2023? What is The Beatles most sold album? Having sold more than 600 million units around the world, The Beatles is the best-selling musical artist of all time as of 2023. Also, the band’s honors include 7 Grammy Awards, 4 Brit Awards, 15 Ivor Novello Awards, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction in 1988, and many more things.

The Top 10 Highest-Selling The Beatles Albums Until 2023

10. The Beatles – Please Please Me


Number of Sales: 2.2 Million

The BeatlesPlease Please Me was the debut studio album of them released on March 22, 1963, in the United Kingdom only.

The album had tried to introduce the band to rock music during its early years. Including all members as the writer, the band consisted of 14 albums in its release with more than 32-minute listening time. The band’s some beloved songs like Misery, Please Please Me, Love Me Do, Ask Me Why, Do You Want to Know A Secret are in this album.

The album’s certifications included Platinum by CAPIF, IFPI Denmark, BPI, and RIAA. It was also certified Gold by ARIA, RMNZ, and Music Canada. It was also peaked number one on 1963’s UK Albums only.

With over 2.2 million number of sales, The BeatlesPlease Please Me was the tenth highest-selling album of the band as of 2023.

9. Help!


Number of Sales: 2.5 Million

Help! was the band’s fifth studio album released on August 6, 1965, which was also the soundtrack of the band’s film of the same name as the album.

Consisting of 14 tracks in its original release, the album has over 34-min listening time. The album features the band’s unique pieces such as the self-titled Help!, Yesterday It’s Only Love, The Night Before, Another Girl, Ticket To Ride, and You’re Going To Lose That Girl.

In 1965, the album peaked number one on UK Albums, US Billboard Top LPs, German Albums, and Kent Music Report Charts. It was also certified 2x Platinum by Music Canada and 3x RIAA.

As of 2023, BeatlesHelp! sold 2.5 million copies worldwide, which makes it the ninth highest-selling album of all time.

8. The Beatles – A Hard Day’s Night


Number of Sales: 4.1 Million

The third album of The Beatles, A Hard Day’s Night, was released on July 10, 1964, via Parlophone.

Including A Hard Day’s Night, If I Feel, I Should Have Known Better, Tell Me Why, Any Time at All, When I Get Home, I’ll Be Back, and more, The Beatles had released 13 tracks in total in the album. The album had peaked number one on four different charts in Australia, UK, Germany, and US.

The certifications of the album were 4x Platinum by RIAA, Platinum by Music Canada, RMNZ, and BPI.

As of 2023, The BeatlesA Hard Day’s Night sold over 4.1 million copies around the world. It is the 8th highest-selling album of The Beatles.

7. Let It Be


Number of Sales: 5 Million

Released on May 8, 1970, Let It Be was the twelfth and final studio album of The Beatles. Even though the album came to be regarded as one of the most controversial rock albums in rock music, it did not have that impact, according to some fans.

The original release of the album consisted of 12 songs in total. Let It Be, Two Of Us, Dig A Pony, One After 909, Get Back, and much more beloved songs of the band are featured in this album, which has more than 35-min listening time.

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The album’s self-titled song was a touching song written by Paul McCartney. The writer McCartney had sent the song in honor of his mother Mary, who passed away due to cancer.

As of 2023, Let It Be sold 5 million around the world. This means that it is the 7th highest-selling album of the band.

6. The Beatles – Magical Mystery Tour


Number of Sales: 6 Million

The band’s Magical Mystery Tour was released as a double EP and only included the soundtrack to the 1967-released television movie of the same name with the album.

The album’s certifications included 6x Platinum by RIAA, 2x Platinum by BPI, 4x Platinum by MC, and Platinum by ARIA. It was also certified 2 different Gold by CAPIF and BVMI.

As of 2023, The Beatles‘ soundtrack album sold 6 million around the world. It is marked the list’s sixth highest-selling album.

5. Abbey Road


Number of Sales: 10.2 Million

Consisting of 17 songs in total, the eleventh effort Abbey Road was released on September 26, 1969, via Apple Records.

The album was one of the most successful albums of the band. Peaking at number one on numerous charts worldwide, the album’s certifications included 12x Platinum by RIAA, 8x Platinum by BPI, 5x Platinum by RMNZ, 3x Platinum by ARIA, and IFPI Denmark.

As of 2023, Abbey Road has a 10.2 million sales worldwide. The album is the fifth highest-selling in the list.

4. The Beatles


Number of Sales: 16 Million

The Beatles‘ self-titled tenth studio album released in November 22, 1968. The album is also known as The White Album.

In total, the album features 30 songs on four discs. While the first disc includes 8 songs such as Wild Honey Pie, Happiness Is A Warm Gun, and Dear Prudence, the second one included I’m So Tired, Blackbird, I Will, Julia, and more. The third album’s some of the popular songs were Birthday, Sexy Sadie, and Yer Blues. The fourth was the disc of Good Night, Honey Pie, Cry Baby Cry, and many more.

The album’s original release peaked number one on nine different charts worldwide. The certifications of the album include 24x Platinum by RIAA, 2x Platinum by BPI, ARIA, and RMNZ. Music Canada certified 8x Platinum the album.

As of 2023, the album The Beatles sold 16 million worldwide. It is the fourth in the list.

3. Rubber Soul


Number of Sales: 16.5 Million

The third of the list, Rubber Soul, was the band’s 1965 release, which marks the sixth studio album of the band.

The album includes the band’s respectable songs such as Wait, Girl, Drive My Car, Michelle, The Word, Run For Your Life, I’m Looking Through You, and more. At press time, the certifications of the album included 6x Platinum by RIAA, 2x Platinum by BPI, Music Canada, and BVMI.

At press time, it was close to the fourth member of the list. Selling 16.5 million in the world, the album is the third highest-selling The Beatles album on the list.

2. The Beatles – Revolver


Number of Sales: 27 Million

1966-made Revolver was the seventh studio album of the rockers The Beatles. It was released on August 5, 1966.

Peaking at number one in Australia, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, and Germany, the album consisted of 14 greatest pieces like For No One, I’m Only Sleeping, Taxman, She Said She Said, Got to Get You into My Life, and Doctor Robert.

The BeatlesRevolver is the second-highest selling album of all time. As of 2023, the album sold 27 million copies around the world.

1. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band


Number of Sales: 32 Million

The eighth studio album of The Beatles, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, was released on May 26, 1967. It is the most successful album of the band.

The album’s self-titled opening track is the greatest song, which said by the fans. Getting Better, She’s Leaving Home, Within You Without You, With a Little Help from My Friends, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, and more are in this album.

As of 2023, BPI certified 18x Platinum, RIAA certified 11x Platinum, RMNZ certified 6x Platinum, MC certified 8x Platinum, and ARIA certified 4x Platinum the album. It means that the album is the greatest album of The Beatles, according to data.

As reported finally, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band sold more than 32 million worldwide. It is The Beatles’ highest-selling studio album until 2023.

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  1. These sales statistics are not accurate. For instance, Help! had sold 2.3 million copies in the United States alone by 1985, and has sold many more copies since then. Abbey Road had sold 8 million copies in the United States alone by 1985, and millions more since. So the figures you show for worldwide sales of those albums are much too low. Your own article shows Abbey Road is certified 12X platinum = 12 million copies + by the Record Industry Association of America, so 10.5 million copies worldwide, the headline number, as of 2022 is ridiculous. Get better sources of information. This is misleading.

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