Alice Cooper’s Nita Strauss Sends A Powerful Letter By Sharing Her Beauty

The 33-year-old musician Nita Strauss, known as the touring guitarist of the Alice Cooper, has recently contact with her fans via her social media channel and shared a special letter for people who feel bad.

In the post she shared, there was a gorgeous photo of Nita Strauss, who took a selfie under the light in her backyard. She looked as beautiful and hot as her previous photos. In addition to her selfie, there was a touching letter written by her.

In the letter, Nita Strauss was encouraging people who feel bad because of their close circles. She stated that although people criticise them harshly, don’t hesitate to take any opportunity to counteract it. She also explained how they make the world a wonderful place.

Nita Strauss wrote: “’Wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness.’ – Seneca, Dialogues and Essays⁣

“Just a quick reminder- In a world where people are increasingly critical and unkind, don’t hesitate to take any opportunity to counteract it. Make the world a nicer place by practicing kindness, not negativity. More gratitude, less doom and gloom.⁣

“Tag someone in the comments and say something nice about them to make their day! If you get tagged, say something nice back or tag someone new. Let’s bring some sunshine into the gloomy social experience.”

Nita Strauss’s social media photo attracted huge interest from people who follow her on Instagram. While some of them say she had a gorgeous smile, some of them thanked her for her good wishes.

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