Anthrax’s Scott Ian Recalls The Rare-Known Moment He Ever Lived With Dave Mustaine

Scott Ian, the rhythm guitarist of the American thrash metal band Anthrax, which sold 2.5 million records in the United States from 1991 to 2004, has just updated his official social media account with a rare photo featuring Megadeth star Dave Mustaine and recalled the funny moment they lived with the Rolling Stone.

The story he mentioned was about the cover photo they took for Rolling Stone during their Clash of Titans tour, which was a concert tour co-headlined by the thrash metal bands Megadeth and Slayer. Scott said the publisher of the magazine did not want them on the cover and called them the ugly dudes, although the picture to be used as agreed.

You can read what Scott Ian said for that times below.

“Outtake from the Clash of the Titans Rolling Stone cover shoot with Mark Seliger back in 1991. Cover shoot? You, Dave and Tom were on the cover of Rolling Stone? I’m so glad you asked…

“This shoot was during the 1991 North American Clash of the Titans tour. And yes it was for the cover. Kim Kaiman (our publicist back then) had gotten the commitment from Rolling Stone that the feature they were doing on the tour would be for the cover. 100% for sure, locked in, we were getting the cover. We got to do an incredible shoot with Mark and we were all excited about metal getting some respect in the mainstream press. And I have to admit I was happy about being on the cover – I had grown up with Rolling Stone in the 70’s and 80’s (when the mag actually meant something) and it’d definitely make my mom happy but I digress.

“The shoot is done, the picture they are using is decided on and we’re out on the Clash tour destroying every night. At some point a few weeks before the magazine is supposed to hit the stands we hear from Kim that at the 11th hour Jann Wenner (the publisher of the magazine) decided he didn’t want us on the cover and he put Rod Stewart and Rachel Hunter on the cover instead. Word was he didn’t want ‘Three ugly dudes on the cover.’ He needed a ‘hot lady’ on the cover to sell copies and that was that… fart. We ended up with a centerfold of our cover shot. Swipe left to see the hot lady.”

The photo attracted great interest from the fans who saw it. Also, the fans expressed that they looks funny in the photo.

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