Willie Adler Touches The Unheard Sides Of Lamb of God’s New Album

The 44-year-old musician Willie Adler, known for the guitarist of the heavy metal band Lamb of God, was guested to the 98th episode of Ghost Cult and talked about the band’s self-titled album.

While they were talking about the album, Willie was asked how they decided to call the album Lamb of God. When the guitarist replied to the question, he revealed that it was Mark Morton’s idea.

“It was a real intuitive process going into this record. Not that it was drastically different than any other record. Mark and I felt everything starts with the riffs, so we write the same – we’ve been writing the same probably for years.

“But this time around, we did a few different writing sessions – just Mark and myself and Josh, our producer. And we would let months lapse in between those, so it kind of gave our ears a break from what we had done the last time and then we were able to come back. And it allowed for a much more writing session.

“So by the end of this year-and-a-half, two-year process, these weeklong writing sessions that we’d do, we kind of took a step back and looked at the whole collection of songs that we had. And I think it was Mark’s idea first to kind of keep it self-titled. And it just fit. There’s really not any words to describe it – it was just that feeling that this is the time, this is the record to do it, and these are the songs that represent us.

“Not only right now, but our whole career. These are the songs that we worked up until this point to write and put out.”

Lamb of God’s self-titled album was originally planned to be released on May 8, 2020, but due to the coronavirus outbreak, the album released on June 19.

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