Who Is The Greatest Mötley Crüe Member? Nikki Sixx Answers

Who Is The Greatest Mötley Crüe Member? Nikki Sixx Answers

In a new interview with Classic Rock, Mötley Crüe bassist Nikki Sixx has shared his friendship with his bandmates and revealed which band member was the best musician for him.

Nikki Sixx is the bassist and primary songwriter of his co-founded heavy metal band Mötley Crüe. Debuted with the band’s Too Fast For Love in 1981, Sixx gained international fame for being a member of the band since 1981, although the band retired in 2015 and then came back in 2018.

Thanks to the success achieved by their band, the band members have accumulated various memories over the years. They had crazy moments together, struggled with health problems, and supported each other no matter what. The four, which have been rocking the stage together for almost four decades, have released 9 studio albums in total and have managed to become one of the beloved bands all over the world.

However, recently, Nikki Sixx discussed the band members’ relationships with each other, while also revealing who was the best musician in the band. At first, the musician mentioned their relationship and admitted he knows all his bandmates’ strengths and weaknesses.

“Well, we know each other so well,” Nikki says. “Do you know anybody you’ve been through as many highs and lows with as Mötley Crüe has for 40 years? I don’t.

“I know all their strengths and weaknesses, and we try to be there for each other. But at the same time…

“Somebody asked me the other day, ‘Do you guys all ride together on the same bus? Do you have the same dressing room?’ And I thought, ‘Well, how sweet.’ I don’t live with the band.”

Nikki Sixx Names The Greatest Member Of Mötley Crüe

Later then, Nikki Sixx was asked who was the best musician in Mötley Crüe. Praising his bandmates Tommy Lee, Mick Mars, and Vince Neil, respectively, Nikki Sixx claimed that the band’s sound would change if someone remove any one member. Opening up about his thoughts on the voice of Vince Neil, Nikki talked about Neil’s style and showed him his respect.

“They’re all really fucking good,” Nikki admits. “Tommy is a monster on drums. Mick is one of my favorite guitar players. And Vince has something that nobody else has.

“Isn’t that what you’re looking for – guys that don’t sound like anybody else? I’m not a great player.

“Like, if I really woodshed for six months, I’m OK. But if I was a different kind of bass player, it would offset the sound of the band.

“Motley Crue is an interesting band because if you remove any one member, it completely changes the sound.

“We all played against each other. A lot of times, Vince would tell me he struggled with the fact I put so many lyrics in a song.

“‘Shout at the Devil’ is a good example. But it was because I grew up with beat generation writers as a teenager, and I would get into this kind of rhythmic frenzy.

“And because of the way that Vince sang, that was what made his voice excel. His voice was kind of like a Gatling gun. Like, bap-bap-bap.

“I remember the first time the four of us ever played together, we ran Live Wire. I turned around to adjust my bass amp, and Tommy and I just gave each other a look, ‘Something’s happening here.'”

Back on October 27, Nikki Sixx had spoken emotionally about his band Mötley Crüe. At the time, he made touching comments and said Mötley Crüe was his family after his family abandoned him.

“When we survived ourselves and survived our youth [from drugs], that became such a part of the culture of Mötley Crüe, and at times, frustrating, because we were, like, ‘Have you heard how great the songs are that are on the new record?’ And people were, like, ‘Tell me about the time,’” Nikki said.

“So, we knew that was gonna happen, that people wanted to watch the film for the blood and guts, but we also knew it was an opportunity to tell a story about a family, and that’s my band.

“My band was my family after my family abandoned me.”

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  1. I have been a motley crue since 1981. Always wished to get to go to a motley crue concert but
    Never had the chance to go they’re my favorite band especially Nikki Sixx.

  2. I saw I saw Motley once, in 2012 at the Comcast theatre. I couldn’t afford the seats my heart was set on but the seats were pavilion, third row back and in the intro to saints of L.A. Nikki walked threw the middle and I literally saw the whites of his eyes. If I was u I would go even if it meant lawn seats u might b surprised at how close one or more of them will get to u. I’m glad kiss played last cause when they was in last couple tracks I got the FUCK outta dodge. Didn’t drive 11 hrs 4 kiss

  3. I’ve seen the Crüe twice and the first time was during the Welcome to the Freakshow tour in February,1999. The show was in a small convention center in Davenport , IA and there were maybe 3500 people in there. No risers, etc, just big open convention hall with the stage at one end. My wife and I were able to make our way to the front of the crowd by the stage and had an awesome time. The opening band were great, too, including a local band called Drop Hammer.

  4. Nikki Sixx saved my life. There will never go a day that I don’t think about Nikki Sixx and how his music literally saved my life after my suicide attempt. Life gets us all. It beats you to your knees and in the ground. Nikki Sixx, Thanks so much brother !!!!

  5. I remember the first time I heard shout at the devil me and my brother and a friend hitch to New Bedford Mass from Fitchburg Mass and we’re in New Bedford at the time and we’re at my friend’s father’s house and on the radio came shout at the devil and I’ve been listening to motley Crue ever since I seen them three times at the Worcester centrum Worcester Mass

  6. Mick Mars 🤩🤩🤩🤩 Yes I like Nikki Sixx and Tommy, you are all awesome entertainers, butttttt, I only have eyes for Mick. 🎸

  7. My best friend who passed away was the biggest crue fan I have ever met. When we were young I was a big Metallica fan thats what brought us together was our love for music. I played home sweet home at his funeral. Every time I hear a crue song I know he’s with me. 🤘

  8. I love the first two albums the most my favorite member is Mick Mars guitar playing gets me every time of course I used to talk a lot of smack about this new but now that I know better he is the crooner of metal and I love his voice so much Nikki is right no one has what he has Motley Crue forever

  9. I first heard Mötley Crüe, in 1983. I was in catholic school. I’ve been with the Crüe, ever since. They ruled the 80s, and will always be, the best fuckin band, ever….

  10. Sure he talked about Vince’s vocals, but he didn’t actually name the best musician in the band so I’m annoyed at the headline. Taking something he said out of context.

    For the record, its Tommy. He’s the most creative with the most broad spectrum of interests. It hasn’t always worked out very well for him in a solo career, but Andro was an amazing album.

  11. I always remember back in high school I took this girl I was dating to her first concert which happened to be the Crüe. I was extremely pumped to see this show…but when the lights went down they started with that creepy voice that was at the beginning of Shout of the Devil…..”In the beginning , the evils of all mankind”… etc . This completely freaked her out ( she was a freshman and came from a religious family.) She started crying while looking at the crowd as everyone threw up the metal hands 🤘and demanded to leave. After arguing about it, I was like “babe were shouting AT the devil. Eventually I gave her my car keys and she waited while I watched the rest of the show. She dumped me shortly there after. She was hotter than shit but a complete nut job.

  12. I read The Dirt and Heroin Diaries while I was in the hole at SCI -Rockview Pa. and they got me through a really tough time in my life while i was on a 6 month tour of the hole out of the 30 months I did in the hole..I just want to say thanks to The Cru

  13. George, the bass player for Heavens Edge (before there was a Heavens Edge) got me into the Crue on their 2nd album. We we hanging out and he said, “Check these guys out, they’re fuckin’ great.”
    George has been gone over a year now, thanks buddy.

  14. I have to admit. Even at 78 yrs old and an ex musician, I am new to the Crue. Why you ask? 1964 started a band, Beatles and English invasion type. Evolved to other bands, to rock, middle of the road, disco then top 40 rock until 1978. Switched gears to top 40 country like ALABAMA etc. So when Crue started was never tuned to top 40 rock radio and retired in 1985. Stopped listening to all music until around 2015. 1st time hearing Crue was when watching, “The Dirt”. Simply amazing. Now a Crue fan.

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