Cazares On New Fear Factory Vocalist: “He’s There And Ready To Go”

Cazares On New Fear Factory Vocalist "He's There And Ready To Go"

Fear Factory guitarist Dino Cazares did a brand new interview with RichardMetalFan. The experienced guitarist spoke about the departure of vocalist Burton C. Bell from the band.

According to Cazares, Bell was not a solid stake to which you could tie a rope, and there was always a possibility that he would leave the group. That’s why Cazares doesn’t seem surprised that Bell left the band and notes that if fans want to hear the whole story, only Bell can answer it.

On the other hand, Cazares notes that Bell‘s departure caused difficulties in completing the band’s last album, Aggression Continuum and that he took on extra tasks to complete the album.

Aggression Continuum, the band’s tenth studio album, was released on July 18, 2021. Fear Factory’s album, released after a seven-year hiatus, received positive feedback from the metal community.

However, Cazares says that now they are both walking on different paths and will continue to do so. Regarding what the fans think, Cazares clearly states, “Fans can cry all they want, and people can want what they want.

“I could see over the years that he always had one foot out the door; he was always that guy. He originally quit way back in 2002, and he ended up coming band into the band and restarting the band with the other guys without me. At least that’s what I thought. But I don’t know. I never really got the full story of why they did what they did.

“But to me, it always seemed like he always had one foot out the door, and I think that this was just his time to exit, for whatever reason. I mean, you have to ask him, really, to get [the full story of why he left]. But he pretty much left me to handle the rest of the duties for ‘Aggression Continuum’.

“And so now I’m moving forward without him, and the band’s gonna go on without him, and that’s just how it is. He’s moved on, and so have I. Fans can cry all they want and people can want what they want. And I get it; I understand. He was in the band for many years, and he was the only vocalist on the record, even though he had quit the band two or three times before that. But he’s gone, and I’ve moved on, and so has he.”

About New Fear Factory Vocalist: “He’s at his vocal peak”

Admitting that Bell’s departure caused a big void in the band, Cazares said he is confident and ready to move forward. As for the new singer, he revealed that an announcement would be made soon.

“There’s gonna be big shoes to fill,” he continues. “But I’m not afraid. I’ve been there before. I’m ready to move on forward. I look forward to it. I think it’s gonna be fucking ripping. It’s gonna be killer. I’m gonna put out some more heavy shit. So I don’t think anybody needs to worry. The vocalist I got is amazing. He’s younger; he’s in his mid-30s. He’s at his vocal peak, I think. He’s there and ready to go. We’re not making any announcements yet, but people will hear about it soon.”

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