Vince Neil Answers The Most Asked Question About Motley Crue’s Stadium Tour

Vince Neil, the singer of the heavy metal band Motley Crue, took to his Twitter account to clarify one of the most wondered issues about the band’s upcoming Stadium Tour with Def Leppard.

On May 14, Motley Crue and Def Leppard announced and disappointed fans by saying that the upcoming Stadium Tour was forced to move to 2022 due to the current state of the world. Later that, the ticket holders started to ask countless questions about the show about their tickets.

Motley Crue Stadium Tour – (image credit: Kevin Winter)

Recently, Vince Neil has answered the questions and cleared the air about the tickets. On his Twitter account, he informed them about what should they do to get more info about it.

“Please understand the the bands have nothing to do with tickets and city’s and dates,” he tweeted. “That is in the hands of the promoter. Any questions should go to Live Nation.”

Under his tweet, people have shown off their understanding about the tickets and the postponement.

Vince Neil Devastated After The Postponement

When the postponement shared by the band, Vince Neil has updated his official Twitter and Instagram accounts to share his first reaction to the postponement news. He stated that he was disappointed when he heard the postponement.

Vince Neil tweeted: “We just got the news. It’s disappointing. Hope to see everyone at the shows. Keep Rocking!!”

Fans have also shared their feelings about the postponement of the Stadium Tour under the tweet of Vince Neil. They were disappointed just like Vince Neil.

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