Twisted Sister’s Jay Jay French on Dee Snider: “The Greatest Frontman I’ve Ever Seen”

Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French has shared his honest opinion on his bandmate, Dee Snider, while speaking to The Metal Voice and praised him by using special words.

When the conversation was focused on Dee Snider, the man who joined the fold in 1976 and performed until the band’s disbanding, the guitarist revealed which side he likes mostly on him. He also touched on his writing skills and explained how the greatest frontman he is.

Jay Jay French and Dee Snider from Twisted Sister

“Dee is predatory as a frontman, the greatest frontman I’ve ever seen,” he said. “I’ve stood shoulder to shoulder to him, and I’ve watched him against every frontman there is, there’s not one that touches him, in my opinion, not one in terms of his abilities and his professional approach to performing.”

“He does a two-hour warm-up every single day, from the day he was hired to be in the band in 1976, every single day, every single dressing room he does two hours of warm-up.

“And he stretches, and he prepares himself to be the best he can be, and it’s a hell of a responsibility, and god knows – if I phoned it in and we sucked, then what?”

Later, he concluded by touching on Twisted Sister‘s greatness.

“There’s a reputation Twisted has about being great, live,” he added. “So, you’ve seen us six times. Would you say that every time was roughly the same level of intensity?”

Dee Snider Reveals How He Joined Twisted Sister

Past April, Dee Snider focused on his joining Twisted Sister and revealed how he joined the band.

On Twitter, a fan has sent him a question about it. Dee Snider told that they needed a singer and he jumped at the chance.

“They needed a singer, heard about me on the club circuit and asked me to audition,” Dee said. “I jumped at the chance because I loved the early 70’s glitter rock scene.”

Dee Snider Announces The Release Date Of The New Album

Dee Snider of Twisted Sister – (image credit: Scott Smith)

The talented singer Dee Snider has just announced the release date of his upcoming solo album. The album titled Leave A Scar, which is a follow-up to For The Love Of Metal is set to release next July 30th.

“Wait’ll you hear my new album ‘Leave a Scar,'” Dee Snider tweeted to announce. “Release date is July 30th on @NapalmRecords! Produced by @jameyjasta…again!”

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