Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Recalls The Career-Changer Show They Played With Motorhead

Twisted Sister singer Dee Snider recalled the epic show they played with Motorhead and took fans back to their 1982 show, which held at Racecourse Ground in Wrexham on July 24.

Recently, with a recent tweet he sent through his Twitter account, Dee Snider quoted a podcaster Spankee Spangler’s tweet, which about that day, and detailed what they lived exactly.

Recalling those times, Dee talked about the attacks and disrespectful acts of the people to the bands who wore makeup during that time in the United Kingdom.

Dee Snider shared the following story on the tweet: “I believe it was…81? Twisted Sister was recording our ‘Under the Blade’ and had no released product and had never performed of been seen in the UK.

“This was the early days of NWOBHM. Our manager got us added to the bill and due to cancelations, we wound up going on right before Motorhead!

“Bands that wore makeup would get bottled off the stage in the UK (ask Phil Collen then of Girl). Thankfully, Lemmy Kilmister offered to bring the band on, giving us just a moment to prove ourselves & the show turned out to be a career changer for us!”

In addition to Twisted Sister and Motorhead, Budgie, Tank, Raven, Orion, and The Moon Rampant Antics were also among the performers on the show.

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