Queen’s Brian May Announces The Result Of Many Months Collaboration

Brian May, the legendary guitarist of the British rock band Queen, inspired new limited edition Seiko Watch 5 with his iconic guitar called “Red Special”. The successful musician has just posted a photo through his official social media accounts and revealed the first photos of the collaboration. He also mentioned that this makes him very proud.

“The new SEIKO RED SPECIAL timepiece is launched! At the historic Seiko Clock Tower. This makes me very proud. It’s the result of many months collaboration – and a very fine piece I believe it is! I’ll show you its handsome presentation case etc later. THANK YOU SEIKO!

“I am delighted to see this watch come alive and proud that the creation of me and my dad all those years ago has inspired this collaboration. I love my Seiko, and it has served me well for many years. I will wear this new one with pride.”

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