THREE DAYS GRACE uses CORONAVIRUS pandemic so well

One of the greatest rock bands of all time, Three Days Grace, announced in a recent interview with ‘104.9 The X’ that they have been using coronavirus pandemic well. In the interview, the band revealed their coronavirus process and said they’ve been working on a new effort.

“We’ve been just writing and sending ideas around,” the band’s singer Matt Walst said. “We polished off a few. We’re going song by song. So we’re trying to get one song polished off and finished and then moving on to the next song.

“Before, we’d just have a bunch of ideas and try to jump around to each, but this time around, just ’cause of COVID and the times, we’re trying to just polish off a song, move on, next song, and I think it’s really working for us.”

The upcoming effort will be the band’s seventh studio album, which is a follow-up to their latest effort, ‘Outsider,’ which was released on March 9, 2018.

Three Days Grace consists of Brad Walst on bass, Neil Sanderson on drums, Barry Stock on guitars and Matt Walst on vocals.

Watch the interview below.

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