EVANESCENCE’s AMY LEE reveals the secret behind her songwriting talent

Evanescence singer Amy Lee has recently revealed the secret behind her songwriting success while sitting down with Full Metal Jackie’s ‘Whiplash.’ In the interview, she also touched his band and said they lived some special moments.

Speaking about the issue, Amy Lee stated that she challenges herself to reach success. “I always try to challenge myself every time to be more honest and be more raw and be more open and be more vulnerable in the words that I’m writing,” Amy Lee said. “I feel better the more that I open up and let that happen. That’s something I’ve strived for from the beginning. I feel, in a way, that that’s happening now more than ever before.”

Amy Lee added that perspective is huge and continued, “I’ve been through a lot as a human; this band has been through a lot as a band over all these years. To be here now and to recognize what it means to be here now… I’ve had a lot of losses in my life. I had a son; I’m a mom now. A lot of things have happened since the last time we’ve put out an album, so there’s a lot to say. And there’s a lot happening in the world too.”

The talented musician also said that living in the moment is one of the important things of the entire life.

“I feel a different kind of strength and confidence. After just having made it to this point, there’s a little bit of a new element of just not giving a shit. You kind of get to a point, after a certain point, where it’s just, like, enough is enough, and life is too short. So perspective has been good for that. It’s also good just for knowing what to appreciate, knowing what things in your life are worth fightning for — being able to see how tough it can be and how wonderful it can be. Living in the moment is hugely important.”

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