The Top 5 Drummers Taylor Hawkins Named His Favorites Ever

The Top 5 Drummers Taylor Hawkins Named His Favorites Ever

Known for his exceptional skills and charismatic stage presence, Taylor Hawkins has left an indelible mark on the world of rock music. Throughout his career, Taylor Hawkins received widespread recognition and numerous accolades for his contributions to music. His drumming prowess became a source of inspiration for aspiring musicians and a benchmark for excellence in the rock genre. In this article, we will look at the drummers that Taylor Hawkins named his favorites of all time.

Taylor Hawkins joined the Foo Fighters in 1997, injecting fresh energy into the band’s sound. His exceptional drumming skills, dynamic rhythms, and undeniable stage presence quickly became an integral part of the band’s identity. Known for his technical precision and fascinating drum solos, Hawkins consistently pushed the boundaries of rock drumming, elevating the Foo Fighters‘ live performances to an unparalleled level.

Beyond his remarkable talent as a drummer, Hawkins was also a gifted songwriter. He contributed his lyrical prowess and musical sensibility to several Foo Fighters‘ hits, including Cold Day in the Sun and Stacked Actors. His ability to blend catchy melodies with hard-hitting rock anthems further solidified his status as a multifaceted musician.

However, let’s learn which drummers Taylor Hawkins named his favorites of all time.

The 5 Drummers That Taylor Hawkins Picked As His Favorites Of All Time

With his infectious energy and unparalleled skill behind the drum kit, Hawkins every time paid homage to the legendary figures who influenced his playing style and inspired him to push the boundaries of rock drumming. From the first day that he picked up his drums sticks until his last breath, Hawkins always tried to develop his playing. To make himself better, he followed his inspirations’ footsteps.

So, it is time to reveal Taylor Hawkins’ favorite drummers of all time.

#5. Roger Taylor

Roger Taylor, one of Taylor Hawkins' favorite drummers
Roger Taylor, one of Taylor Hawkins’ favorite drummers – image: Raph Pour-Hashemi

In 1970, Roger Taylor joined forces with guitarist Brian May and vocalist Freddie Mercury, forming the iconic band Queen. With Taylor’s thunderous drumming serving as the backbone of their sound, the group embarked on a meteoric rise to stardom. Moreover, the drummer penned several notable Queen hits, including the chart-topping Radio Ga Ga and the anthemic I’m in Love with My Car.

Taylor‘s playing style perfectly complemented Queen‘s music’s grandiose and theatrical nature, particularly evident in songs like We Will Rock You and Bohemian Rhapsody. In addition, his ability to effortlessly transition between delicate, jazz-infused sections and explosive rock anthems added a dynamic edge to the band’s performances, captivating audiences around the world.


In the past, Taylor Hawkins clearly said Roger Taylor was one of his influences in music. He praised Roger Taylor by touching on his unique playing style, saying that it was impossible to emulate.

“Roger Taylor has been a huge influence on lots of drummers and for many guys in America – including Stephen Perkins, Matt Cameron and myself – Queen was our first ever concert,” Hawkins says.

“The band were big in America in the 70s and early 80s, and if you ask drummers what it is about Roger Taylor that impressed them, they all say it was his feel and the way he played. He swings like no-one else, and that’s impossible to emulate. You know it’s him when you hear the hi-hat open up every time he hits the snare. I can play every fill he’s ever done, but I could never get his feel. I’ve tried and it’s impossible!”

#4. Phil Collins

Phil Collins
image: Pinterest

Taylor Hawkins also named Phil Collins one of his favorite drummers. Collins first rose to prominence as the drummer and occasional vocalist of the progressive rock band Genesis. Joining the group in 1970, he quickly made his mark with his technical prowess and ability to infuse complex time signatures with infectious grooves. His drumming was characterized by its precision and impeccable timing.

However, it was Collins‘ foray into a solo career that truly cemented his status as a musical force to be reckoned with. With his debut solo album, Face Value, Collins showcased his versatile talents as a singer-songwriter, delivering emotionally charged ballads and up-tempo pop hits. The album’s lead single, In the Air Tonight, remains an iconic masterpiece, featuring Collins‘ thunderous drum fill that has become synonymous with his name.


While Collins enjoyed tremendous success as a solo artist, he continued to collaborate with his Genesis bandmates, steering the group to new heights. As the lead vocalist and drummer, Collins brought a renewed energy and pop sensibility to the band, resulting in chart-topping hits like Land of Confusion and Invisible Touch. His stage presence and dynamic drumming style electrified audiences during their acclaimed live performances, solidifying their status as one of the era’s most influential bands.

In 2022, Taylor Hawkins praised Phil Collins during his interview with Louder Sound, saying: “Phil Collins is an incredible drummer. Anyone who wants to be good on the drums should check him out – the man is a master.”

#3. Neil Peart

One of Taylor Hawkins' favorite drummers, Neil Peart
One of Taylor Hawkins’ favorite drummers, Neil Peart – image: Ethan Miller

Neil Peart‘s career took flight when he joined Rush in 1974, replacing their original drummer. His arrival marked a turning point for the band, propelling them into progressive rock greatness. Peart‘s intricate drumming style, characterized by polyrhythms, odd time signatures, and meticulously crafted fills, became integral to Rush‘s sound.

Beyond his technical prowess, Peart‘s lyrical contributions brought depth and intellectualism to Rush‘s music. Songs like 2112 and Limelight showcased his ability to blend poetic storytelling with complex musical arrangements, creating a unique and thought-provoking listening experience. Moreover, from the thunderous power of Tom Sawyer to the ethereal beauty of The Spirit of Radio, his drumming provided the foundation for the band’s music.


Peart‘s dedication to his craft extended far beyond the stage. Known for his relentless work ethic, he constantly sought to improve and refine his drumming skills. His pursuit of excellence led him to study with renowned drumming instructors and immerse himself in various musical genres, incorporating elements of jazz, funk, and world music into his playing.

However, Taylor Hawkins was always open to say he was a fan of Neil Peart. After the drummer’s passing in 2020, he admitted Peart was a great drummer.

 “There can never be another Neil Peart,” Hawkins revealed, adding, “No way. He had the craziest hands, and he just had such a unique thing.”

#2. Steve Perkins

image: Pinterest

Steve Perkins first burst onto the music scene as the drummer for Jane’s Addiction. He was the band’s leading man with his driving rhythms and unconventional percussion approach. Songs like Been Caught Stealing and Stop! showcased Perkins‘ ability to fuse hard-hitting rock beats with elements of funk, creating a groove-driven foundation that propelled the band to stardom. From rock to funk, punk to world rhythms, he seamlessly weaves together various genres, infusing his playing with a vibrant and electrifying energy.

Perkins‘ drumming style is characterized by its relentless energy, precision, and infectious rhythm. His ability to seamlessly transition between intricate patterns, polyrhythms, and driving grooves demonstrates his technical prowess and deep understanding of the music he plays. Whether it’s the thunderous propulsion of a rock anthem or the intricate nuances of a delicate ballad, Perkins injects each performance with an undeniable passion that resonates with audiences.


Taylor Hawkins named Steve Perkins his early influence on music during an interview with Modern Drummer in 2011. According to him, Perkins was a creative drummer.

“A big influence on me was Steve Perkins,” he admits. “I remember watching him with Jane’s Addiction… his big Afro. He was like an animal behind the drums. Not as hard-hitting as I thought he was – he’s got a lighter touch than I do. He’s got a bouncy feel. He’s really creative.”

#1. Stewart Copeland

Taylor Hawkins' favorite drummer of all time, Stewart Copeland
Taylor Hawkins’ favorite drummer of all time, Stewart Copeland – image: Jeff Kravitz

Stewart Copeland first gained prominence as the drummer and co-founder of the iconic rock band The Police. With his crisp and precise playing, he created a unique and unmistakable sound that became the foundation of the band’s success. With his use of unconventional time signatures and unconventional instruments, such as splash cymbals, he created a signature sound that set him apart from his peers.

Moreover, Copeland‘s musical exploration extended beyond his drumming skills. As a prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist, he has delved into various genres, collaborating with artists from different backgrounds and pushing the boundaries of musical experimentation. His passion for music knows no bounds, as he fearlessly traverses musical territories, incorporating elements of world music, jazz, and classical into his compositions.

Copeland‘s relentless pursuit of musical excellence extends to his work as a solo artist and band leader. His solo albums, such as The Rhythmatist and Orchestralli, showcase his ability to create eclectic and genre-defying music. As the founder of the instrumental ensemble Stewart Copeland’s Police Deranged for Orchestra, he has reimagined The Police’s iconic songs, breathing new life into their beloved catalog.


Taylor Hawkins revealed his admiration for Stewart Copeland during his appearance on Metal Hammer in the past. The drummer also described Copeland as his first drum hero.

“He was probably my earliest, like, real drum influence,” Hawkins said. “He was my first drum hero and that had a lot to do with my brother, who’s five years older than me – I still have the Police Around the World, video which I remember him getting me as a kid when I was first learning to play.”

Moreover, in 2019, Hawkins cited Copeland as one of his major inspirations, revealing: “My brother handed me a copy of Zenyatta Mondatta,” Hawkins told the BBC. “This was 1982. He goes, ‘If you want to be good, you have to play it like this guy.’ My two first major inspirations — probably the two guys that shaped a lot of what I do when I play drums in a rock band — are Roger Taylor and Stewart Copeland.”

Taylor Hawkins’ Favorite Drummers:

  • Roger Taylor
  • Neil Peart
  • Stewart Copeland
  • Steve Perkins
  • Phil Collins

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