Foo Fighters star Taylor Hawkins: “There Can Never Be Another Neil Peart”

Foo Fighters drummer Taylor Hawkins praised one of the legendary drummers of all time, Neil Peart, and paid his tribute to him while speaking to 94.9 The Rock radio station. According to Taylor Hawkins, Neil Peart was the only one in the world.

As some of you might remember, In January 2020, a devastating statement has been shared through Rush’s social media channels. It says, “Soul brother and bandmate of over 45 years, Neil, has lost his incredibly brave three and a half year battle with brain cancer.”

Following his passing, Taylor Hawkins was one of those who appeared to talk about his legacy and greatness. Speaking about Neil Peart, Taylor Hawkins stated that nobody can do it like Neil Peart, and added: “There can never be another Neil Peart. No way. He had the craziest hands, and he just had such a unique thing.”

When Taylor concluded his words, he said that he hopes remaining Rush members, Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson, play together in the future. “I hope that Geddy and Al play together, and I hope they can find someone to do something with them. But no one will ever be Neil Peart; it’s just impossible. And I think Geddy and Alex know that, and they feel the same way. But I want them to play – I really, really do. I know they wanna play. I don’t know that, like, personally, but…”

You can listen the interview below.

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