The Top 10 Highest-Selling KISS Albums Until 2023

The Top 10 Highest-Selling KISS Albums Until 2022

Changing the way of rock and roll music since 1973, KISS is considered as one of the pioneers of rock music formed by Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Ace Frehley, and Peter Criss, who contributed to the band to reach its world success. Despite the pioneers of rock, there is one fact about the band: not all KISS fans own a KISS record.

As some of you might know, KISS received international fame in the late ’70s with its extreme appearances that include their makeups, outfits, smoking guitars, crazy live performances, fire breathing, and huge energy. Even though the band has gone through several member changes, the band’s original line-up features Paul Stanley on rhythm guitars, Ace Frehley on lead guitars, Gene Simmons on bass/vocals, Peter Criss on drums.

During its ongoing near-5 decade career, KISS has a huge discography. Including 20 studio albums, 9 live albums, 14 compilation albums, 8 box sets, and many more things, KISS has sold over 100 million units around the world. Some of the band’s beloved releases are the band’s Love Gun, Dynasty, Lick It Up, and Crazy Nights.

KISS‘ has 16x Platinum certifications for its studio albums. While 8x Platinum-certified by RIAA, 5x of them came from Music Canada, 2x came from RMNZ, and Platinum came from NVPI.

Thanks to its huge releases, KISS has won a lot of honors from the Metal Edge Readers’ Choice Awards. In 1996, the band had accepted eight different awards from them on Band of the Year, Best Metal/Hard Rock Band, Best Concert Performance, and Best Concert Tour categories. They were also inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014.

So, are you one of those who asks how many albums KISS has sold until 2023 or what is the highest-selling KISS album of all time, we recommend you to read the article. As we are going to look at the highest-selling KISS albums until 2023, we are also going to give a little information about them. Let’s start it.

The Top 10 Highest-Selling KISS Albums Until 2023

10. Lick It Up


Number of Sales: 1.1 Million

The top 10 highest-selling KISS album list starts with the band’s 1983 release Lick It Up. In this album, KISS was without their iconic make-up. The album was the first public appearance of them.

Consisting of 10 tracks in total, the album was not recorded by the band’s original line-up. The personnel of the album was Vinnie Vincent on guitars and Eric Carr on drums, except for Ace Frehley and Peter Criss. Also, while the album’s five tracks were sung by Paul Stanley, the remaining five were sung by Gene Simmons.

As of 2023, Lick It Up has sold over 1.2 million units worldwide. The album is the tenth highest-selling KISS album until 2023.

9. KISS – Rock and Roll Over


Number of Sales: 1.2 Million

Rock and Roll Over is the fifth studio album released by KISS. Recorded at the Star Theatre in New York, the album was released in 1976. Consisting of 10 tracks in total, the album has two different tracks sung by the band’s drummer Peter Criss, Baby Driver, and Hard Luck Woman.

Peaking at number 7 on the Canadian Albums Chart, the album has only one certification, which is Platinum by RIAA.

At press time, KISS has sold 1.4 million copies with Rock and Roll Over. This is number nine of the highest-selling KISS albums list.

8. Animalize


Number of Sales: 1.25 Million

The band’s follow-up to Lick It Up, Animalize, is the band’s twelfth studio album released on September 13, 1984. This is album marks the only appearance of pre-Vinnie Vincent guitarist of KISS, Mark St. John.

The album was certified 2x Platinum in total. While one of them came from RIAA, another one was from Music Canada. Consisting of 9 tracks in total, the album’s track listing is as follows:

  • I’ve Had Enough (Into the Fire)
  • Heaven’s on Fire
  • Burn Bitch Burn
  • Get All You Can Take
  • Lonely Is the Hunter
  • Under the Gun
  • Thrills in the Night
  • While the City Sleeps
  • Murder in High-heels

As of 2023, KISS has sold over 1.25 million copies worldwide with Animalize. The album is the eighth number of the highest-selling KISS albums until the 2023 list.

7. Crazy Nights


Number of Sales: 1.3 Million

1987-release Crazy Nights marks the fourteenth studio album of KISS. After Asylum, this was the second album featured Bruce Kulick on guitars, who contributed to the album’s I’ll Fight Hell to Hold You as a co-writer.

As of 2023, KISS has sold 1.3 million copies with Crazy Nights, which means it is the seventh of the list.

6. Dynasty


Number of Sales: 1.42 Million

The sixth highest-selling KISS album as of March 2023, Dynasty is the seventh studio album released by the band.

The album consisted of 9 tracks in total. Also, there was a special moment about the album. Featuring The Rolling Stones icons Keith Richards and Mick Jagger as writers on 2,000 Man, the album was sung by Ace Frehley. The album’s track listing is as follows:

  • I Was Made for Lovin’ You
  • 2,000 Man
  • Sure Know Something
  • Dirty Livin’
  • Charisma
  • Magic Touch
  • Hard Times
  • X-Ray Eyes
  • Save Your Love

As of March 2023, KISS has sold over 1.42 million with Dynasty worldwide. It is the sixth highest-selling KISS album until 2023.

5. Smashes, Thrashes And Hits


Number of Sales: 2.15 Million

Smashes, Thrashes And Hits is the compilation album released by KISS. Marking the fourth hits album overall, the album features two new compositions. While there were ten songs previously released in make-up, the remaining three were released without masks in 1983.

As of March 2023, KISSSmashes, Thrashes And Hits has sold 2.15 million worldwide. It is the fifth of the list.

4. Destroyer


Number of Sales: 2.2 Million

The fourth highest-selling KISS album is Destroyer, with 2.2 million-copy sales worldwide. It was released on March 15, 1976, via Casablanca Records.

Reaching the top 40 in the United States, Destroyer was the first KISS album that achieved Platinum, which came from RIAA. Consists of 10 tracks in total, the band’s Detroit Rock City, Sweet Pain, God Of Thunder, Shout It Out Loud, and Rock and Roll Party are in this album.

3. Alive II


Number of Sales: 2.5 Million

The band’s second live album Alive II was released on October 24, 1977. Being the third highest-selling KISS album with 2.5 million sales until 2023, the album had released three KISS albums, Love Gun, Destroyer, and Rock and Roll Over.

The album has three certifications. Certifying 2x Platinum by RIAA, Platinum came by Music Canada. While the album peaking at number 7 on US Billboard 200 list, it was number 5 on the Canadian Albums chart.

2. Love Gun


Number of Sales: 4.3 Million

The band’s sixth studio album Love Gun is the second highest-selling KISS album until March 2023. The band’s follow-up to Rock and Roll Over, Love Gun was released on June 30, 1977.

In its original release, KISS unleashed 10 tracks in total. All tracks have sung by Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, except for Peter Criss‘ vocal on Hooligan.

1. Alive!


Number of Sales: 9.7 Million

Alive! is the highest-selling KISS album until 2023. Being the first live album of the band, Alive! was released on September 10, 1975.

The album contains live versions of the band’s selected tracks from their first three albums. Featuring A, B, C, and D discs, the album consists of 16 tracks in total. Some of those live versions were the band’s huge songs Rock Bottom, Deuce, Strutter, Hotter Than Hell, Firehouse, Parasite, Black Diamond, Cold Gin, Rock And Roll All Nite.

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