The Rolling Stones Songs Steven Tyler Picked As His Favorites

The Rolling Stones Songs Steven Tyler Picked As His Favorites

Known for being the lead singer of Aerosmith, Steven Tyler is considered one of the most influential vocalists in the rock community. Having powerful vocal performances and raising high and wild screams during his live shows made him popular during his early years in rock. Since then, he has become one of the pioneers of the rock music industry.

Aerosmith was a dream that came true following their hard work during the 1970s. Formed in 1970 in Boston, the band released six studio albums in its first decade. While all of those albums gained mixed reviews, they also attracted huge attention from Aerosmith fans. At the time, releasing hit singles such as Dream On, Walk This Way and Sweet Emotion helped the band to make a name in the community.

Steven Tyler was a part of that popularity, of course. His songwriting skills with his partner Joe Perry were improving day by day. Following the steps of his inspirations, Tyler was adding his own interpretation to his music and was embroidering them for Aerosmith. For some, Aerosmith resembled the music of The Rolling Stones. It was natural that there were such comparisons because Aerosmith was a rising star at that time, and The Rolling Stones had already dominated the charts.

As he already revealed over the years, The Rolling Stones had always been one of those acts Tyler picked as an inspiration. He once admitted he learned from them to have a style, even though he hated being in comparison with The Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger. In 2011, he even revealed some of his favorite tracks from The Rolling Stones. So, let’s detail which The Rolling Stones songs Steven Tyler picked as his favorites.

The Rolling Stones Songs Steven Tyler Named His Favorites

The list featured songs from The Rolling Stones‘ beloved albums, such as Sticky Fingers, Black and Blue, Between the Buttons, and Out of Our Heads.

5. I’m a King Bee


One of those songs Steven Tyler picked as his favorite was I’m A King Bee. The song originally belonged to the blues music legend Slim Harpo. At the time, the band recorded the song for their self-titled debut album. The meaning of the song was great for the band, and the song helped the band to step up to the next level. Later, Mick Jagger would go on to criticize their version of the song, saying: “What’s the point in listening to us doing ‘I’m a King Bee’ when you can hear Slim Harpo do it?”

4. Hot Stuff


Hot Stuff from The Rolling Stones was the other one Steven Tyler named one of his favorites. Taken from the band’s 1976-released Black and Blue, the song was recorded around March – April 1975 and was influenced by then-popular sounds – disco and funk.

When we look at the song’s chart movements, Hot Stuff did not achieve the expected success, reaching number 49 in the United States. Although the song hadn’t reached what the band hoped, The Stones kept continue to make a disco/funk sound and reached the top position in the US two years later with Miss You.

3. The Spider And The Fly


Recorded in May 1965, The Rolling Stones released the song through its US version of Out of Our Heads. The song was not a track that the band often played at their live shows. It was a rare song the band only played during the mid-1960s.

There is a great fact about the song related to Aerosmith star Steven Tyler. Steven Tyler, who has previously mentioned that The Rolling Stones was a great inspiration for him, names this song as the song for which he began to write his own lyrics.

2. Something Happened To Me Yesterday


The closing track of the band’s 1967-released album – Between The Buttons – Something Happened To Me Yesterday was written by the band’s two legends, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. It is a different one for the band because it ends with a spoken message that is heartwarming.

Having over 5 minutes of listening time, the song was recorded around August and November 1966. It also marked the first track of the band to feature Keith Richards on a separate lead vocal.

1. Brown Sugar


Brown Sugar is considered one of the most successful songs of The Rolling Stones band. Released in 1971, the song, which was the opening song of Sticky Fingers, is officially a work by Mick Jagger. It’s because the musician wrote the song in the year 1969 while they were filming Ned Kelly.

When we detail the album’s achievements, it entered US Billboard’s Hot 100 list number one, as well as ranked number one in three different countries. At press time, the album has two separate certifications; Silver for over 250,000 physical sales in the UK and Gold for over 400,000 digital sales in the UK.

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