Exodus Drummer Tom Hunting Needs Help On His Fight Against Cancer

The current state of health of the thrash metal band Exodus drummer Tom Hunting was revealed by his bandmate Gary Holt, who has launched a GoFundMe campaign on April 20 under the title of “Help Tom Hunting with his cancer battle!”

As some of you might remember, Tom Hunting shocked the rock world by announcing on April 13 that he was diagnosed with cancer in his upper stomach in February. He has started his fight against cancer by entering treatment recently.

Recently, Gary Holt broke his silence about the current state of his bandmate and called people to help and support about money. He launched a GoFundMe campaign to ask people to help. At press time, the campaign has 448 donors, 2.1k shares, 445 followers, and almost $27,000 of $30,000 collected.

Bandmate Says Tom Needs Help

(image credit: Gary Holt Instagram)

Speaking about his bandmate, Gary Holt stated that he needs help to beat cancer and his medical bills. He also revealed what Tom Hunting did during the pandemic and said he worked at home and waited to return touring.

“After decades dedicated to laying down the most pummeling drums in thrash, Tom Hunting has been diagnosed with cancer,” Holt said. “While he fights and defeats this, he will need help with his bills, both medical and home.

“During this pandemic Tom, like many of us, works to keep himself going while we await the return of touring, but he is unable to do so while undergoing chemo and more to get past this and back behind his drums with his brothers in Exodus.”

Gary Says Tom Will Be Continuing His Fight Without The Worrying Of Medical Bills If Someone Help

(image credit: Gary Holt Instagram)

Concluding his words, Gary Holt explained why Tom Hunting needs help and what will be happening if someone helps Tom Hunting in his fight. According to Gary, he will be fighting without the worrying of medical and home bills if someone helps him.

“Whatever someone can afford to give will go miles to helping Tom continue his fight without the worry of the mounting medical bills and bills to maintain a roof over his head.

“Thanks for all your help and support.”

Tom Reveals He’s Ready For The Fight

(image credit: Exodus Instagram)

Revealing the bad news to his fans, Tom Hunting has also made good and exciting comments about his fight against cancer. In the social media statement he made on April 13, Tom stated that he will beat cancer.

“Today I will be starting treatment for a squamous cell carcinoma,” says Tom. “It’s a gastric tumor that was diagnosed in my upper stomach in February.

“I’m making this public to raise awareness for people to pay attention to symptoms of stomach and esophageal issues. If they persist, please go get it checked out.

“I’m not gonna be sheepish talking about it. I feel that if I can help someone with what I’ve learned, or someone out there has information to share with me, it’s a win-win! When you can name the enemy, it’s empowering, and you’re 1 step closer to killing it!

“Ok, you’ve heard the bad news. The good news is he feels great physically! I’m gonna beat this like a fucking snare drum that owes me money!!! I’ve had great doctors and a great support system that is an army in itself. I’m ready for the fight!”

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