The American heavy metal band Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx‘s wife, Courtney Sixx, who also known as the Martha Stewart Weddings contributor, has just updated her social media account with a special photo and showed how their child Ruby cute is.

In the photo she shared, the 6-month baby Ruby was biting Courtney Sixx‘s pink heeled shoes and was looking at the camera with her blue eyes crouched. In the caption of the photo, Courtney made a joke about it and made an emergency call to his wife Nikki Sixx.

Nikki you’re in trouble. If it’s possible I think Ruby may love shoes more than me, and that’s saying a lot,” she wrote in the description of the photo.

Nikki Sixx has also commented on the photo and expressed his thoughts about it.

“God help me now,” he said.