The 10 Most Played Avenged Sevenfold Songs Of All Time

The 10 Most Played Avenged Sevenfold Songs Of All Time

Formed in 1999, Avenged Sevenfold has been actively playing music and making recordings since its first day. They have toured extensively throughout their career, both as a headlining act and as a supporting act for other bands. But which song has Avenged Sevenfold played live the most during its career? In this article, we will take a look at the most-played Avenged Sevenfold songs of all time.

Avenged Sevenfold‘s sound is a blend of various styles within the heavy metal and hard rock genres, including metalcore, hard rock, heavy metal, and punk rock. Their music typically features fast, heavy guitar riffs and intricate guitar solos, as well as powerful and melodic vocals.

The band’s sound has evolved over the course of their career, with their early albums leaning more towards metalcore and punk rock, while their later albums incorporate more traditional heavy metal and hard rock elements. They are also known for their use of orchestration and intricate arrangements in their music, particularly in their later albums.

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From the early 2000s to the present, Avenged Sevenfold has toured more than 30 times around the world. They played its first headlining show in 2002, in which they hit the road to support their debut album. However, since day one, the band has played over 1,300 shows live. So, which song Avenged Sevenfold has played the most throughout its shows since the first one?

The Most Played Avenged Sevenfold Songs Of All Time

Recently, Avenged Sevenfold announced its upcoming eighth album, Life Is But a Dream…“. They also dropped a single from the album, named Nobody. However, below, we listed the songs that Avenged Sevenfold played the most since their first show.

#10. Welcome To The Family


According to, Avenged Sevenfold has played Welcome To The Family over 300 times since day one. The song features a heavy, driving guitar riff and a catchy chorus, with lead vocalist M. Shadows singing about the band’s loyalty to their fans and their willingness to embrace new listeners as part of their family.

The lyrics also touch on themes of personal responsibility and standing up for oneself, with Shadows urging listeners to “fight for what you love and hold it close” and “never compromise what’s right.”

#9. A Little Piece of Heaven


A Little Piece of Heaven is a song by Avenged Sevenfold that was released on their fourth studio album, Avenged Sevenfold, in 2007. The song is notable for its unconventional structure, incorporating elements of classical music and musical theater, as well as its darkly humorous lyrics.

Avenged Sevenfold
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The song has become a fan favorite and a staple of Avenged Sevenfold‘s live shows. The song’s theatricality and willingness to push boundaries in terms of both its music and lyrics have also helped to cement the band’s reputation as innovators within the heavy metal genre.

However, Avenged Sevenfold has played the song 314 times, which means it is the ninth right after Welcome To The Family.

#8. Buried Alive


Avenged Sevenfold released the album in its fifth studio album, Nightmare. It has a heavy, mid-tempo track that features the band’s signature guitar riffs and intricate solos, as well as a powerful vocal performance by lead singer M. Shadows.

Musically, Buried Alive showcases Avenged Sevenfold’s technical prowess and willingness to experiment with different sounds and structures within the heavy metal genre. The song features several sections with distinct tempos and moods, including a melodic acoustic section in the middle of the song that provides a moment of respite before building back up to a heavy, intense climax.

Overall, the band played the song over 439 times in over 13 years. The number shows it is a successful song from the band, and the audience loves to listen to it.

#7. Avenged Sevenfold – Almost Easy


Almost Easy was released as the lead single from their self-titled fourth studio album in 2007. The song ranked number one on the UK Rock Chart. It was also number 6 on both US Modern Rock Tracks and US Bubbling Under Hot 100 charts.

The song is a high-energy track that showcases Avenged Sevenfold‘s technical proficiency and ability to blend elements of different genres within the heavy metal and hard rock styles. The song’s guitar solos are particularly impressive, showcasing the band’s virtuosity and skill.

As of March 2023, Avenged Sevenfold has played the song over 456 times.

#6. Nightmare


Nightmare is the title track and lead single from Avenged Sevenfold‘s fifth studio album, released in 2010. It is a deeply personal song that deals with the loss of the band’s drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, who passed away in 2009. The song’s lyrics touch on themes of grief, pain, and the struggle to come to terms with loss, with Shadows singing about “the hell that I’ve been through” and “the lost who never made it.”

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It received mixed reviews from the critics but was a commercial success for the band, as it reached number two on the UK Rock & Metal chart.

Avenged Sevenfold has played the song over 460 times as of today in March 2023. The song comes six right after the seventh one, Almost Easy.

#5. Critical Acclaim


Critical Acclaim was released as the lead single from the band’s self-titled album. The song tells themes of hypocrisy, media manipulation, and the pressure to conform to societal expectations. The song’s lyrics criticize the music industry and the media for their tendency to promote superficiality and conformity and urge listeners to resist these forces and think for themselves.

However, Avenged Sevenfold has played the song 492 times since its release.

#4. Avenged Sevenfold – Beast and the Harlot


Beast and the Harlot is a song by Avenged Sevenfold that was released as the second single from their third studio album, City of Evil, in 2005. If you ask how many times Avenged Sevenfold has played the album since its release, the answer is 536. It is no doubt that the fans love the song, as the band played it 536 times in 18 years.

#3. Afterlife


Released in 2008, Afterlife explores the concept of the afterlife and the idea of living forever. The song’s lyrics touch on themes of mortality, the fear of death, and the desire for eternal life, with Shadows singing about “this endless life we’re clinging to” and “the fear of falling apart.”

As of March 2023, Avenged Sevenfold has played the song 629 times, which makes the song third on the list.

#2. Bat Country


Released in 2005, Bat Country is inspired by the novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas by Hunter S. Thompson, as well as the film adaptation starring Johnny Depp. The song’s lyrics touch on themes of drug use, paranoia, and the surreal nature of the American dream, with Shadows singing about “the city of sin” and “the bats in my head.”

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Bat Country was a commercial and critical success for Avenged Sevenfold, reaching the top 40 on several Billboard charts and helping to establish the band as one of the leading acts in the heavy metal and hard rock genres. The song’s memorable guitar riffs, powerful vocals, and surreal lyrics have also made it a fan favorite and a staple of the band’s live shows.

The band has played the song 734 times since 2005.

#1. Avenged Sevenfold – Unholy Confessions


Unholy Confessions has been the most-played Avenged Sevenfold song of all time. The band has played the song 807 times since its first release. The song helped to establish Avenged Sevenfold as a rising force in the heavy metal and metalcore scenes, earning the band a dedicated following of fans. The song’s heavy guitar riffs, aggressive vocals, and exploration of emotional themes have also made it a fan favorite and a staple of the band’s live shows.

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