Testament Is Almost Ready For a New Album

Testament’s Skolnick told to Heavy New York about their new studio album:

“I think anytime we make a record, we don’t think about the last record,” he said. “That’s done. Actually, the last thing we wanna be influenced by is the previous record. And I think it’s pretty safe to say there’s never been two records in a row where they’re really that much alike. We don’t have a ‘period.’ Sometimes bands release a pair or a series of records where there’s a big similarity. We’ve never done that. So I think it’s gonna be starting fresh. And we’ll see where it goes… It’s not pre-planned.”

Also, Eric Peterson shared a photo with Alex Skolnick and he said they were almost ready for the new album.

Eric Peterson wrote:

Great last couple of days with @alexskolnick putting last touches of riffs together and collaborating on ultra heavy riffage and some surprising melodic acoustics…😉 almost ready to start recording!

You can see the post below:


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