Ted Nugent Blasts People Who Support Democrat Party: “They Are a Satanic Cult”

The American rock singer and political activist Ted Nugent has recently appeared on his official Facebook Live Stream and blasted those people who support the democrat party and people who hate him.

As you might know, the 72-year-old musician, who has been defending that the pandemic is not real, has announced on April 19 that he was diagnosed with COVID-19. Following his announcement, although some people wished a speedy recovery for him, some people wished publicly that he’ll die due to disease.

However, in a recent Facebook Live stream, Ted Nugent has appeared to talk about his current thoughts about those disrespectful people, according to him. He blasted people who hate him and support the Democrat party.

Ted Says Democrat Party Supporters Are Satanic

(image credit: Ted Nugent Facebook account)

Kicking off his words, Ted Nugent said that about people who watch his live stream that they are good, great, and positive people. Later, he mentioned Democrat party supporters and Biden. He blasted them and said about Biden that he is a freak.

“If you’re on the Ted Nugent Facebook Live right now, you are some great, positive, good people, and we deserve each other,” Nugent said. “Not to be confused with the Satanic gang who actually celebrates other people’s suffering.

“It’s a very happy day for happy, smart, prioritized people. It’s a very happy day — life, liberty and pursuit of happiness; we’ve got that shit down. But you have to know that there is a Satanic cult that is just demonic in their hatred and celebrating — literally celebrating — other people’s suffering. I’m afraid that’s the Democrat party. They are a Satanic cult. They literally throw gasoline on the fire of hurt, pain and suffering. Both literally and figuratively.

“To those of us that live a positive life, isn’t it almost impossible to grasp the level of indecency and soullessness of the Democrat party and this freak president and his gang of America haters,” he continued. “It’s almost impossible to grasp except incrementally we witnessed the culture war metastasize into a cult of Satan. Isn’t it something?”

Ted Reveals He Received ‘Death Wish’ Cards

(image credit: Ted Nugent Facebook account)

Concluding his words, Ted Nugent said that some people have sent him a card that says his death makes them happy. Later, he mentioned people who hate him and said they are “satanic.”

“Can you imagine anyone in your life putting forth any effort or energy to write a letter to someone saying, ‘I hope you die,'” he said. “That’s what they’ve been doing to my family.

“The people who hate Ted Nugent, they’re Satanic. They’ve literally written letters celebrating my Chinese virus and literally hoping that my children and my grandchildren die — in very obscene, vulgar, hateful, demonic terms.”


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