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Lars Ulrich Playing Guitar (Lars vs Guitar)

When Metallica playing at San Diego, Lars Ulrich played guitar at the stage. You can watch that video below. Leave your comments.

Shakira – Nothing Else Matters (Metallica Cover)

Famous Colombian singer Shakira during the concert in Paris, she sang Metallica's Nothing Else Matters and publish that video on his verified Youtube channel. You...

James Hetfield Playing Drums and Robert Sings

In 2009, Metallica played in Philadelphia, PA. When the band warmed up to concert something unusual moment happened that day. James Hetfield played drums...

Jason Newsted’s Fail Pisses Off James Hetfield at Netherlands in 1992

In 1992, Metallica played Seek and Destroy in Netherlands. When the chorus came, James shouted "searching" and extended the microphone to Jason. Watch the...

Lars Ulrich to Berlin: ”Let’s Not Wait Another 11 Years to Play in Your...

Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich seems to have a lot of fun in Berlin. He added that something fascinating came out when the sound of fans...

Metallica’s Kirk Hammet & Ghost’s Tobias Forge Interview

This interview was published on Metallica's Youtube channel. The video begins with Kirk Hammett's words. ''So another interesting thing that happened to me this morning...

WATCH: MetalTrump – Master of Puppets (Metallica Cover)

Successful Youtuber Lars Von Retriever made an another interesting video. USA President Donald Trump singing Metallica's Master of Puppets. He made a funny video...

WATCH: MetalTrump – And Justice For All (Metallica Cover)

In this article, USA President Donald Trump singing Metallica's And Justice For All. Of course it really doesn't. On the Youtube, Lars Von Retriever...

LISTEN: Slipknot – Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Metallica Cover

American musician Corey Taylor performed Metallica's Welcome Home (Sanitarium) at Belfort, France in 2003. You can listen below:

Motörhead – Whiplash (Metallica Cover)

British heavy metal band Motörhead playing Metallica's Whiplash. We listening this amazing cover from Motörhead founder, lead singer and bassist Lemmy's great voice. You can...