Bassist Reveals The Possible Release Date Of The New Overkill Album

In a new interview with Trunk Nation With Eddie Trunk, Overkill bassist D.D. Verni has detailed the current state of the band’s upcoming album and revealed the possible release date of it.

Overkill has released 19 studio albums in total. While releasing their debut album in 1985, the band has unveiled their latest and 19th studio album in 2019, titled The Wings of War. The new follow-up to their 2019’s effort will mark their 20th album in 41 years.

However, in his recent appearance to discuss the current state of his band, the bassist made fans excited by touching on the progress of the new Overkill album. He has shared the possible release date of the album and mentioned future plans.

“We’re probably looking at a record and tour,” the bassist said. “Like everybody, we’ve had tours all around the time that we just keep canceling and moving.

“So the newest moving one is to be out in the States in March, with the record, and then after that in Europe end of April into May.

“That’s currently what’s on the books. But as the months go by, as it gets better, as it gets worse — who the hell knows? That’s the current plan.”

Overkill Has Done With Most Part Of New Album

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Informing fans about the newest and upcoming album, Verni said that they’re still recording the album, although most of the album has been done. According to him, Overkill will probably start mixing in the near future.

“We’re still recording,” he reveals. “The record’s done, for the most part, but we’re still recording – still some bass, still some vocals, a good amount of that to be done. We’ll probably start mixing in the fall, is what I would think – something like that.

“And we have Colin Richardson set up to mix the record. He’s done a few records for us in the past, and we’re psyched about it. He’s done a ton of stuff — Slipknot, Machine Head…

“Just a great mix guy. So we’re psyched to get him back on board.”

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