SOAD’s Shavo Odadjian Shares His Surprise Opinion on Coronavirus

In a new conversation with The Jasta Show, Shavo Odadjian, the bassist of the Grammy Award-winning Armenian-American heavy metal band System of a Down, has talked about the coronavirus outbreak, which threatens the whole world with his fatality for about three months, and said it’s just a regular cold.

Shavo looked very angry with the coronavirus. He hoped to get rid of this coronavirus crap as soon as possible. He said that humanity is constantly struggling with new diseases.

“We’ll survive anything, and we have, knock on wood. Hopefully, we can survive this fucking coronavirus stupid… I think it’s the stupidest thing. It’s just a regular cold, bro, at this point.

“I saw a doctor yesterday, just a checkup – he owns the floor, it’s his. He was telling me how media’s only focusing on one thing, and that’s putting fear. It’s what’s going on, right?

“It’s like control by fear, but he’s, like, ‘The actual virus has actually diminished in power and strength since it started.’ With all the deaths that have been happening, he’s, like, ‘We have 50 times more people contaminated with it, but we have 30 times less deaths.’”

Shavo touched how many people had died of flu in America within a year, and he said no one ever talked about it.

“Where before there was a certain amount that got contaminated with it, this many died from it, like, 20%, 10%, and now it’s 0.01%, and that’s mostly people in their 80s and 90s or people that have weak immune systems, people that would die from the flu or anything else that would happen, which happens.

“Like, 27,000 to 57,000 a year, in America alone, people die from the flu, and no one talks about it. I’ve been doing research because I’m, like, ‘Dude, why are these important things getting canceled?’

“I know it’s scary. It’s scary to have this new thing, but every two years we have something new. We went from Zika to Swine flu, to SARS, to ebola, back to this, back to that…

“And it’s, like, every time they don’t have something, they’re gonna bring something back and say, ‘Oh, remember this? Wasn’t it scary? Well, it’s back. We have two new cases.’ Ooh, the world panics, bro…”

Shavo also said that he waits for the whole year to perform with the group. It is very clear that Shavo will get angry if they forced to cancel their shows due to virus.

“We [SOAD] have one tour a year at this point, I’m looking forward all year to this fucking June, I hope they don’t fuck with me because I live all year to get on stage with these guys.

“Not everybody in my band agrees on everything, so it’s like, there are people that don’t want to tour much, I don’t know.”

Also, with the latest report published on March 21, 2020, 16:10 GMT, the total number of cases in the United States reached 22,708. While 279 of these cases lost their lives, 147 defeated the coronavirus. The treatment of 22,282 people continues.


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