Slash Is Impressed by The New Gibson

In an interview with, Guns N’ Roses legend Slash said he was impressed by the new Gibson guitars. It seems these guitars, which the fans are very fond of, also affected Slash. In this interview, he gave a positive answer to the question asked about the guitar.

Here’s what he said:

The new guitars are amazing!
They did the first run of all their key models, and they let me play one of each, and I was like: ‘There’s such a huge difference here… but there’s nothing different!’ There’s something about the mindset going in to making them that’s different. Because it’s the same guitar! But there’s definitely a noticeable change there.

At the same time Slash reveals that Les Paul models produced very good performance.

They feel tight and solid, is the main feel thing.
For me, I use heavy strings, and it gives a certain amount of tension, and that is all there. But they just feel really good and they sound really good. You know how you pick up a guitar and you get a smile on your face because it’s not buzzing, it’s not doing any of those little things that you find unsavoury? You don’t think about it, you just feel happy doing it!

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