Adrian Smith Reveals The Important Secret About Iron Maiden

In a recent conversation with The Captain at NAMM 2020, which took place at Anaheim Convention Center in California between January 16 to 19, world-class heavy metal legends Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith has talked about the band’s success and revealed the secret that includes how they seem strongest than before.

When the interviewer said, “Maiden seems to be stronger than ever. What do you think the secret there is?”, Adrian responded:

“Well, we’ve always toured a lot, we never relied on records or radio play, so we’re always going on all over the world and if you build up fanbase like that, it tends to have longevity,” he said.

“We’re touring this year, I think in Europe, and we’re doing a bit down under as well,” he added.

Apart from his 9-year break between 1990 and 1999, Adrian Smith has been playing guitar on Iron Maiden since 1980.


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