Skid Row’s Sebastian Bach Recalls One Of The Coolest Shows Of His Life

The Canadian singer Sebastian Bach, also known as the vocalist of the American heavy metal band Skid Row, has just updated his official Instagram account with rare-known photos including cannabis and recalled one of the coolest shows of his life.

While he looked back to 2018 and recalled the “Festival d’été de Québec times,” which held in Quebec City in Canada, he stated that the Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real’s “Turn Off The News & Build” a Garden touches him deeply.

Sebastian Bach has said the following words about those days: “In 2018, we got to play one of the coolest shows of My Life, the @festivaleteqc in Quebec City Canada. We headlined one stage and incredibly, on the other stage (which was quite a bit larger), was @neilyoungarchives & @promiseoftherealofficial. @lukasnelsonofficial & @particlekid sang a song that night that I had never heard before called ‘Turn Off The News & Build a Garden’ that really touched me deeply.”

He continued: “This is what has been keeping me somewhat sane in this science fiction novel That Never Ends. Going into the garden. Going outside, where & when there is nobody else. Playing frisbee & basketball with my kids. I rode my ATV, which I love so much, to the top of a mountain….. where I found a couch. Could not believe my eyes and have no idea how this couch got to the top of this mountain. Turning off the news and going into the garden is by far the greatest advice I could ever imagine in these times. If you are stuck inside I’m sorry for this post I’m just sharing a way to relieve this hideous traumatic stress we are all going through. The air is cleaner than ever before if you can get out there into the garden Into the Wilderness treat yourself. You deserve it. Go find your couch at the top of this mountain.”

In the comments of the post, the fans said that he is a great musician. They also added that he deserves this times to be with his family, but also hoped that his returning day.

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