Sharon Osbourne Reveals Ozzy Osbourne’s Unheard Behavior For The First Time

During the new episode of her daytime TV talk show The Talk, Sharon Osbourne, the wife of the Ozzy Osbourne, has said that Ozzy Osbourne‘s body of work will be passed on to their children.

“Listen, everybody is different,” she said. “And I just know that my husband’s body of work, that he’s written, and kept us all in the lifestyle that we love, goes to my children. And his name and likeness goes to my children. Because you leave your name and likeness, and I don’t want someone that never met my husband owning his name and likeness, and selling t-shirts everywhere and whatever. No, it stays in the Osbourne family.”

Also, in the event he launched on Reddit on February 25, Ozzy Osbourne talked about the new album rumors and his farewell situation.

“After my neck surgery I was feeling pretty down so I was not going to write how happy I was being in agony,” he said. “So it wasn’t an intention to do that, it was mistaken as I am going to do another album next month.”

Ozzy Osbourne has released his latest and twelfth solo album Ordinary Man on February 21, 2020, through Epic Records.


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