Sepultura’s Derrick Green Believes Showing Proof Of Vaccination To Go Concert Shouldn’t Be A Problem.

Sepultura's Derrick Green Believes Showing Proof Of Vaccination To Go Concert Shouldn't Be A Problem.
Sepultura singer Derrick Green has opened up about his opinion on a necessary proof of vaccination or negative tests to attend a concert and said that it shouldn’t be a problem.

Derrick Green has revealed his comments about proof of vaccination or negative tests to attend concerts while interviewing in a recent episode of The MetalSucks podcast. He said that if you got vaccinated and to show your vaccination card before attending a show, you’re a responsible person.


“I think it’s really important that each person takes responsibility of being as safe as possible,” he said. “So if you’re going to a show, then it shouldn’t be a problem to take a test. And if you have a card, then just show your card.”

Derrick Green Blasts Irresponsible People

Sepultura star Derrick Green has also mentioned irresponsible people who’re just thinking of themselves. He said that it was terrible not to think about others.

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“I think in these times, it’s different from any other times, so you have to take precautions because you don’t wanna get other people sick,” he continues. “And you have to be selfless.

“And lot of times people are just thinking of themselves – unfortunately, only themselves – and they feel that they need to go out and do what they need to do regardless of the consequences that may cause other people. And that’s a horrible attitude, I’ve gotta say.

“It’s really frustrating dealing with people that have this type of ‘me, me, me, me’ attitude, and it’s really slowed a lot of things down. So I think if people are able to just take precaution, have some restraint and just be safe, including the bands, then we can get through this a little bit faster and we can get back to enjoying some type of normalcy in our lives.

“I don’t even know if ‘normalcy’ is a word [laughs] — or normality in our lives.”

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