Bon Jovi’s Retirement Plans Disclosed, Will He Retire?

Phil X, known for the guitarist of the Bon Jovi, appeared on Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon and revealed Jon Bon Jovi‘s retirement plans by touching his retirement plans.

While he was interviewing, the successful guitarist said he’s ready for everything and remembered what Bon Jovi told him when he decided to quit. Phil said:

“I’m ready for anything. I’ve always been doing The Drills – been doing it since 2003, it was just always underground. At one point, it was beneath what I had to do with another band I had going on with my ex-wife.

And then when that ended I put more time into it, and then Bon Jovi happened, so it’s kind of like on the backseat – ‘Hey, I’m gonna put this record out.’ ‘No, you’re not. We’re going on tour.’

So everything gets put on hold, it’s on the back burner. So now is a good time to get the drills going. COVID sucked because we were on tour in the UK and instead of doing eight shows in the UK and then going to Europe to do eight shows, we had to come home.

And then you’re sitting around, and I’m quarantined away from my family for two weeks, but I’m prepared for anything.

Jon has said to me, ‘Dude, I’m gonna go for another 20 years, I can do this for another 20 years.’

I’m not worried about him retiring. And not that I’m worried about anything, but I think more of a possibility – even though everybody will deny it – I think, what are the biggest-selling concert tours? Reunions.

So if enough money comes down, who knows, maybe Jon and Richie will kiss and make up.”

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