Saxon’s Biff Byford Confirms The Important Issue About His Health: “I Was A Heart Attack”

During a conversation with Planet Rock, Biff Byford, the vocalist of the English heavy metal band Saxon, which formed in Barnsley in 1977, has recently talked about his health issue and confirmed that he had a heart attack before undergoing an emergency triple bypass surgery.

“It was a heart attack, but it wasn’t like a Hollywood heart attack, [where] you drop on the floor with your legs up in the air,” Biff said. “I was biking, I was on my bike – I do a lot of biking and walking. And I was getting a bit breathless. And I went to the doctor. They sent me in to the hospital straight away.

“One of my arteries was getting blocked,” he added. “They couldn’t get to it easily; it was risky. So they gave me a heart bypass. And so while they were in there, they did all three… So, yeah, they did all three. And then I came to, and that was it. I was really ill.”

One of the greatest vocalists of the metal community, Biff Byford, is singing with the heavy metal heroes Saxon since 1977 while he plays bass since 1986.


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