Rockers Sends Touching Birthday Messages For KISS’s Ace Frehley

Today, on April 27, Ace Frehley, the guitarist of the rock band KISS, turned 71 and added one more year to his rock ‘n’ roll career.

As some of you might know, Ace FrehleyThe Spaceman of the rock community, is one of those founding members of KISS. Firstly, he appeared with the band from 1973 to 1982. Later, he rejoined them in 1996 for the reunion tour. He recorded ten studio albums with the band throughout his career them.

Anyways, recently on social media, the rockers including his former bandmates Paul Stanley and Bruce Kulick, Mike Portnoy, Slash, John 5, and Sebastian Bach, have sent touching messages to celebrate his birthday.

Paul Says He Is One Of A Kind

On Twitter, Paul Stanley quoted his band KISS‘s tweet to send a celebration post for him. He said about former KISS member Ace Frehley that he is one of a kind.

“Happy Birthday Ace,” Paul tweeted. “You will ALWAYS be one of a kind. Celebrate your day!”

Bruce Admits They Lived Good Times

Celebrating Ace Frehley‘s birthday, Bruce Kulick has shared a photo on his Instagram and took fans back to the golden moment they lived.

In the photo, they were posing on the deck of the ship and looking legendary. 

“Time Capsule Tuesday #2 is a Happy Birthday shout out to Ace Frehley,” Bruce said. “Here’s a photo of us from the KKVIII on the deck of the ship. Good times with the Spaceman who turns 70 today! #acefrehley #brucekulick #kisskruise #birthday #timecapsuletuesday.”

(image credit: Bruce Kulick Instagram account)

Slash Sends An Iconic Message

Guns N’ Roses guitarist Slash, who always remembers his friends and rock musicians’ special days, has sent a photo of Ace Frehley taken on his youth.

Slash has sent his iconic and simple message to say happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday #AceFrehley iiii]; )’,” Slash captioned.

(image credit: Slash Instagram account)

Mike Says Frehley Is His Guitar Hero

Former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy has sent two photos of him while sharing the stage.

In the first photo, they were posing side by side and Ace was pointing out him. When people swiped for the second, they were on stage.

“Happy 70th Birthday to one of my biggest guitar heroes of all time: Ace Frehley,” Portnoy said. “Getting to play with him and Peter Criss together was one of the coolest moments of my career!”

(image credit: Mike Portnoy Instagram account)
(image credit: John 5 Instagram account)

Sebastian Bach Recalls An Epic Frehley Moment

On Twitter, former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach recalled an epic moment to say happy birthday to Ace Frehley.

“As a kid every April 27 I would call CKPT radio & wish Ace Frehley,” he tweeted. “Happy Birthday so the whole city could hear vaguely remember Aces 50th at his house #StillRecuperating.”

John 5 Discloses Rare Photos Of Ace Frehley

Wishing happy birthday to Ace Frehley, John 5, the rock guitarist John 5 has sent a 9-piece post for him by using his Instagram account. He also sent a special birthday message and said happy birthday to Ace Frehley who turned 70.

John 5 said: “Happy 70th Birthday to great friend Ace Frehley. Love ya buddy.”

You can find a piece of photos below.

(image credit: John 5 Instagram account)

(image credit: John 5 Instagram account)
(image credit: John 5 Instagram account)

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