Rob Zombie Shows an ‘Insane Vinyl Box Set’

Rob Zombie, the founding member of the American heavy metal band White Zombie, has just shared a photo on his social media account and showed us the ‘insane vinyl box set’ he’d ever seen. The insane box set he shared was Ozzy Osbourne‘s 16-album See You On The Other Side box set.

Here’s the statement he wrote to the photo:

“I want to thank Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne for sending me over this insane vinyl box set! 16 albums! Crazy!”

The albums included in the box set released on November 29, 2019, are as follows:

01. Blizzard Of Ozz
02. Mr. Crowley (Live EP)
03. Diary Of A Madman
04. Bark At The Moon
05. The Ultimate Sin
06. Tribute
07. No Rest For The Wicked
08. Just Say Ozzy
09. No More Tears
10. Live & Loud
11. Ozzmosis
12. Down To Earth
13. Flippin’ The ‘B’ Side
14. Live At Budokan
15. Black Rain
16. Scream

Rob Zombie’s Instagram post:

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