Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee To People Who Said Stick To Playing Drums: “F**k Off!”

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee, who uses social media accounts extremely active, has shared a new post to react to people who said to him that he just has ‘to stick to playing drums.‘ He pissed off and blasted them who said those words.

As many of you may know, Tommy Lee uses his social media account to share a piece of moments of his life. He shares funny videos, photos, or to help people who need it. But Tommy Lee also updates his social media account to speak out about politics and posts about Donald Trump.

A few hours ago, Tommy Lee sent a post writing, “Tommy Lee Really Fucking Hates Donald Trump.” Later that, fans reacted to his words and blamed him for disrespect.

Recently, Tommy Lee broke his silence to blast people who made disrespectful comments about him and his personality. He wrote a long article to share his words and said that he will always speak his truth.

Tommy Lee said, “Hey all you assholes that tell me ‘to stick to playing drums’ I say stick to playing dumb!!! Unfollow me then if you don’t like me voicing my opinion… too bad… everyones opinion matters… I always have and always will speak my truth and again if ya don’t like it keep it movin or unfollow stop hanging around leaving lame ass comments on my page! Fuck off!”

Tommy Lee is currently promoting his third and latest solo album, “Andro,” which was released on October 16, 2020, and liked by people who fan of him.

Read Tommy Lee’s social media letter below.

Tommy Lee speaks out about people who said him to stick to playing drums.
photo: Tommy Lee – Instagram

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