Quiet Riot’s Frankie Banali’s Latest Appearance During Cancer Treatment Revealed

Quiet Riot drummer Frankie Banali, who struggling with stage four pancreatic cancer since April 17th, has just shared a new letter to people who supported him for the medical expenses and thanked them in a special way.

To send the letter, Frankie Banali put the last selfie he took. When we look at him, he was wearing sunglasses as always, but there is a difference a bit, he cut his hair.

Frankie has also touched the current state of his health and his chemo process and said the twentieth chemo is scheduled for Tuesday.

Frankie added the following message to caption of the photo for thanked people:

“Thank each & everyone of you who have contributed to my health GoFundMe. Know that you are helping in me being able to continue my myriad of cancer treatments and prolonging my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! To update everyone… as you can see, the chemo therapy has taken my hair and so many other things so many take for granted.

“In the past six weeks I’ve spent three of those weeks in the hospital one week each time. The first due to a blood infection requiring a 6 hour blood transfusion. The second was due to a blockage of my gall bladder caused by the tumor in my liver. The third was due to a blockage of my stomach caused by the tumor in my pancreas. I had to have a tube inserted down my nose and throat into my stomach to drain fluid due to the blockage. I’ve had several medical procedures while hospitalized. I’m on a low fat liquid only diet which means that I have daily IV’s for nutritional supplement along with IV’s to bolster my immune system. There’s more but these are the highlights…

“Chemo #20 is scheduled for Tuesday. Through it all I’m still working on my art and still beating the drums like they owe me money! I’m as positive as ever and each one of you are a part of why I continue to fight the good fight!

In the social media post’s comments, many fans sent their prayers and good wishes to him.

Frankie recently completed his 19th round of chemo on past Tuesday.

Almost $30,000 gathered in the GoFundMe campaign launched for Frankie Banali.

Click here for support Frankie for his medical expenses.

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