Question: What’s your favorite memory from your first #PearlJam show?

The world-famous rock band Pearl Jam asked fans about their favorite show in memory. In a survey on Twitter, famous producer and screenwriter Cameron Crowe also participated.

Here are some answers:

Cameron Crowde said:


named Bentleyspop said:

My first show was almost 28 years ago.
I can barely remember 28 minutes ago.
But it was awesome and now 28 years and a 100+ shows I’m still awed by the power and the emotion of a PJ show.

named Caleb Fitzpatrick said:

Lalapolooza ’92. Took shrooms so sadly don’t really remember. I remember Chris Cornell saying to the crowd during SG’s set “Wasn’t PJ great today?”

named Alan Ivory said:

An amazing night last July at TheO2

You can see the post below:

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