Paul McCartney Is a Talented Man

Did you know Paul McCartney doing yoga? Well, we didn’t know either. The PMC‘s interview gave us an answer to this question. Here’s the sincere interview between PMC – Paul McCartney.

PMC: We’ve heard that you can do headstands. Are there any skills that you’re proud of that fans might not be aware of? And, is the headstand thing true?

Paul: Oh yeah, I’ll show you! Come on, I’ve already done it today at the gym… [Paul does the headstand] YEAH! Come on! I’ve often thought about videoing it and singing a song upside down!

PMC: Thank you so much for showing us your headstand, some of us are keen yogis and haven’t mastered it yet.

Paul: I can show you how to do it. You need to bring your hands together and interlock the fingers. And your elbows and hands should form a triangle. Put your head in there and then you just walk up slowly untill you get to a pivot point. From there, you crouch and straighten your body out, remembering where your head and triangle is.

PMC: So, that’s a yes to the headstand then!

Paul: That’s a yes to the headstand! To any other things? The one that came to mind was horse riding. A lot of people might not know that I enjoy horse riding a lot and I have my own Appaloosa horse…

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Also Paul McCartney shared a tweet about this interview. Here’s what he said:

Paul is a man of many talents, but are there skills we might not already be aware of? Head(stand)😉 over to his website to find out in the April edition of ‘You Gave Me The Answer’:

You can see the tweet below:

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